How do I switch from BT to Sky?


I want to switch from BT to Sky to save money on my broadband and also get more TV channels. How do I go about doing this?

Anna, via email

Our expert says...

Switching broadband provider is a great way to save money on your bills - and you could save over £200 a year if you find the right package.

And as you know, moving to a new provider can also help you get a package that's better suited to your needs - especially if you're looking to bundle your broadband with TV and home phone calls.

Switching broadband provider

Switching to a new supplier is quick, easy and free. Simply run a postcode search on to find out exactly what's available in your area.

You'll need to get a Migration Access Code (MAC) from BT broadband ( to complete your switch. This will allow you to move to Sky broadband ( without any break in your connection (note: as of June 2015, you won't have to do this, as Sky will take care of it).


Broadband MAC codes

Your MAC code will consist of four letters, beginning with L, followed by between seven and nine numbers, a slash, and five alphanumeric characters - for example, LAEM1234567/1F6HT.

BT must give you your MAC code within five working days of your request. You'll then be able to fill in our simple online form to sign-up to Sky and give them your MAC code.

Sky will then process your request and give you a transfer date. "The service should then be transferred seamlessly and with little or no disruption of service," says UK telecoms regulator Ofcom, which set up the migration process.

BT vs Sky broadband

Although BT offers all-in-one broadband, home phone and digital TV, Sky's bundles offer higher download allowances, cheaper line rental and far more TV channels.

For example, Sky has one of the UK's only truly  package - with no fair usage policy or  - but you can also save extra cash by taking its Sky Talk service and Sky line rental.

Sky Talk Weekends doesn't cost any extra each month, but will cut the price of your broadband service by £5 a month. This means that you can get "" with the Broadband Lite package, or Unlimited broadband from just £7.50 a month.

Both packages come with speeds of up to 14Mb, but the Broadband Lite package only offers a low 2GB download allowance that is only suitable for very light users.

Sky's line rental is also cheaper than BT's, costing just £14.50 a month compared to £15.45 with BT.

And of course Sky is the UK's biggest digital TV provider, with thousands of popular shows, more than 50 high-definition (HD) channels and entire series at the touch of a button - making it the perfect choice for telly addicts nationwide.


Featured deals

Broadband Unlimited + Talk Weekends (Existing Sky TV customers) Broadband Unlimited + Talk Weekends Fibre + Talk Weekends Fibre Unlimited + Talk Weekends
Monthly cost £3.75 (for 12 months) 1st year cost: £51.95 Monthly cost £3.75 (for 12 months) 1st year cost: £51.95 Monthly cost £10.00 1st year cost: £156.95 Monthly cost £10.00 (for 6 months) 1st year cost: £216.95
Up To 17 Mb Up To 17 Mb Up To 38 Mb Up To 38 Mb
Weekend calls inc. Weekend calls inc. Weekend calls inc. Weekend calls inc.
Call Sky on 0844 241 1407
Call Sky on 0844 241 1407
Call Sky on 0844 241 1407
Call Sky on 0844 241 1407


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