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Featured fibre broadband deals

Virgin Media

Up To 50 Mb

broadbandchoices EXCLUSIVE: £4 for 12 months

£4.00 p/m + £15.99 line rental


Up To 38 Mb

£25 M&S voucher for Fibre customers

£7.50 p/m + £15.40 line rental


Up To 38 Mb

6 Months Half Price Fibre

£8.00 p/m + £15.40 line rental


Up To 38 Mb

broadbandchoices EXCLUSIVE: £40 Next voucher

£8.00 p/m + £15.99 line rental


Up To 38 Mb

£20 credit

£8.00 p/m + £14.90 line rental


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Could you be going faster?

Fibre optic is the future of broadband. It’s more reliable than broadband delivered through a phone line and capable of delivering faster speeds, up to 120Mb and in some areas even more.

The speeds offered by fibre broadband mean anyone will benefit from a much smoother online experience - particularly when using streaming services like BBC iPlayer and 4oD.

If you use the internet to watch films and TV, listen to music or play games, fibre optic is likely to be just what you need. It’s perfect for downloading data extremely quickly - even large files like video.

In fact, Virgin Media calculates that with 100Mb broadband you could download a music album in six seconds, a DVD-quality movie in around 90 seconds and a high-definition (HD) film, which have extremely large file sizes, in approximately six minutes.

So if fibre optic broadband is so brilliant, why doesn’t everyone have it?

Well, firstly, not everyone can get it, as fibre has yet to reach some parts of the country. Having said that, new areas are being upgraded to fibre all the time, so if it’s not available to you yet, it may be in the not-too-distant future.

Secondly, as a newer technology, fibre optic has a reputation for being rather expensive. However, that’s no longer the case. Fibre is now firmly established and fierce competition among providers means it’s usually quite easy to find an attractive deal on superfast broadband.

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