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Looking for broadband, line rental, a leased line, or IP Communications for your business? Have a look at what BT can do for you.

Whether you're running a charming little café where you need to send a few emails, or a huge office of video conference enthusiasts, BT ( has broadband and phone line options tailored for you. There's broadband-only, line rental only, or a bundle of the two - and they've all got some pretty good features to offer. Let's take a look. 

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BT Business broadband

For business broadband from BT, you have a lot of options to choose from. And if your business outgrows your connection, you can upgrade at any point.

  • BT Broadband - Up to 17Mb download and 1Mb upload speeds, and a download limit of 10GB per month. Ideal for small businesses that need reliable internet for managing email and a bit of browsing.
  • BT Broadband Unlimited - Up to 17Mb download and 1Mb upload speeds, and unlimited downloads. Again, works for smaller businesses or ones that don't rely on the internet, to give you a stable broadband connection where you can browse and download and much as you need.
  • BT Broadband Premium - Up to 17Mb download and 1Mb upload speeds, unlimited downloads, Tech Heads, and Microsoft Office 365 Small Business subscription. Tech Heads gives you extra personalised tech support, and Microsoft Office is a business essential.
  • BT Infinity - Fibre optic broadband, with up to 38Mb download and 9.5Mb upload speeds, and a monthly download limit of 50GB. Perfect for businesses that need a superfast, reliable connection, but don't need to download lots of big files or connect many people.
  • BT Infinity Unlimited - Fibre optic, with up to 38Mb download and 9.5Mb upload speeds, and unlimited downloads. Great for businesses that need to be online a lot, with the reassurance that your connection won't cut out in the middle of a video conference.
  • BT Infinity Premium - BT's fastest fibre optic broadband, with up to 76Mb download and 19Mb upload speeds, unlimited downloads, Tech Heads, and Microsoft Office 365 Small Business subscription. Wonderfully fast and perfect for connecting lots of people, using cloud-based software, and downloading and uploading large files.

Each option is available either as broadband-only - though you'll still need an active phone line - or bundled in with line rental.

You'll get a bunch of useful extras chucked in as well: 24/7 support (with the more personalised Tech Heads if you go for a Premium option), a high-tech BT Hub 3 or Hub 5, up to 10 email addresses, and free access to public Wi-Fi hotspots around the country so you and your staff can get work done from anywhere.

There's also the option for a static IP address. This means the address you use to connect to the internet will be fixed and permanent, and is essential for connecting remotely, setting up a VPN, running a website, or running CCTV off your network.

Bear in mind that BT Infinity isn't available everywhere - use our postcode checker to see the options for your area.

BT Business line rental

Good old line rental is made just that bit better by BT, with all the features you need to run your business. Packages are available either on their own or with broadband. The options are:

  • Value - A basic BT phone line, with BT Business Calls Essentials, standard care level, and optional features.
  • Standard - Phone line with BT Business Calls Essentials, BT Prompt Care to get issues fixed by the end of the next working day, and optional features.
  • Critical - Phone line with BT Business Calls Essentials, BT Critical Care to get issues fixed in six hours, and optional features.
  • Featureline - Phone line with loads of calling features included, as well as BT Business Calls Essentials and BT Prompt Care.

All are offered on 12 or 24 month contracts, apart from Featureline which has 12, 36, or 60 month contracts.

BT Business Calls Essentials comes as standard with all 24 month contracts. It'll give every line in your plan 100 inclusive minutes of calls to UK landlines each month, for up to 50 lines. You've also got the option to add unlimited calls. This includes unlimited calls to UK numbers starting with 01, 02, 03, or 05, calls from Northern Ireland to fixed places in the Republic of Ireland, and calls to UK mobile numbers.

And don't forget about all those calling features. For Value, Standard, and Critical plans, you can add up to eight - including call diversion, call waiting, three way calling, caller display, and more. With Featureline, however, you get all those included, along with some extras - like withhold number, internal calls, hunt group numbers, and call transfer.

Other BT Business services

BTnet Leased Line

If you run a large business with lots of people online, or if strong internet is critical, BT can also give you a leased line. This means you'll rent an entire line, so your broadband connection isn't shared with anyone else - making it more reliable and much, much faster.

The upload and download speeds are symmetrical, and range from 2Mb up to a whopping 10Gb.

BT IP Communications

Another service BT offers businesses is IP Communications - a VoIP (voice over IP) system, or cloud-based call routing. Rather than a traditional landline, this converts your calls into data and sends them over the internet. It's more secure, more reliable, and even allows for better quality calls.

What's good about BT Business?

  • Lots of flexible choices, options, and features to suit all businesses
  • Very wide availability
  • BT Infinity broadband is superfast, and leased lines can be even faster
  • 100 inclusive minutes to UK landlines per month for every line in your call plan
  • Free access to public Wi-Fi hotspots, so you can work from pretty much anywhere
  • 24/7 tech support, care, and maintenance from BT, with the option for even wider support from Tech Heads
  • Microsoft Office 365 Small Business included with Premium broadband
  • No web traffic management - BT won't slow your connection, even at peak times
  • Broadband includes the BT Hub, one of the best routers on the market

What's bad about BT business?

  • More expensive than some other providers - all those features don't come cheap
  • BT Infinity not available everywhere - use our postcode checker to see if you can get it in your area
  • Basic broadband packages only have small monthly download limits
  • 24 month phone line contract is needed to get a lot of calling features


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