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When you’re looking for broadband, of course you’re going to check out BT. It is, after all, the most well-known telecoms company in the UK. The company has wide range of business options, including fibre-optic and leased line broadband packages.

BT Business ( is, as the name suggests, the telecoms giant's business arm. As well as broadband, it offers business phone lines, leased lines, mobile call plans and handsets, unlimited Wi-Fi and more.

The BT Business broadband service

BT Business offers a range of broadband packages to suit companies of all sizes. Here's a rundown of what's available:

BT Broadband and Phone packages

  • Basic Broadband - This package would suit a small business. It gives you up to 17 Mb broadband with 10GB usage a month. You also get BT Prompt Care - a 24 hour support service that will sort any technical problems with your broadband service.
  • Unlimited Broadband - A good choice for small and medium-sized businesses, this offers speeds of up to 17Mb, with unlimited downloads. BT Prompt Care is also included with this package.
  • Advanced Support - This provides extra technical support options on top of the Unlimited Broadband package. So it gives you 17Mb broadband, and unlimited downloads each month, BT Prompt Care, and also BT Tech Heads - which provides 24-hour support for all your IT problems, from broadband to your computers.

BT Infinity fibre optic broadband

  • BT Infinity for business - If you're a medium to large business, looking for speed and reliability, a BT Infinity fibre optic package could be a good call. It gives you speeds of up to 76Mb, a choice between 100GB usage or unlimited downloads each month. You also get both BT Prompt Care and BT Tech Heads technical support. BT Infinity is only available on a 24-month contract.

Except where specified, broadband packages are available as either 12-month or 24-month contracts. 12-month contracts come with capped calls as standard - this means you pay a flat rate for all calls lasting for up to an hour.

24-month contracts include 5000 minutes of landline and international calls, and 500 minutes of landline to mobile calls each month.

Also, bear in mind that, regardless of the advertised 'up-to' speeds, the actual speed of your broadband depends on where your business is located, what the wiring is like in your premises and the distance to your telephone exchange (for copper wire broadband) or street cabinet (for fibre optic).

BT broadband, phone and mobile packages

BT also has three broadband, phone and mobile phone packages available.

  • TalkTime Solo Budget - gives you your choice of broadband and calls package, and an inclusive handset with 300 UK minutes, 300 texts, 500MB data a month.
  • TalkTime Solo Premium - your choice of broadband and call packages, plus a handset, 500 UK minutes, 500 UK texts and 500MB data a month.
  • TalkTime Solo Platinum - your choice of broadband and call packages, plus an inclusive handset, unlimited UK calls and texts, and 1GB data a month.

BT Business broadband extras

On top of its broadband packages, BT also offers a number of charged extras for business customers.

BT Business Hub - BT's business router provides a wireless broadband signal for your business. Much like its Home Hub routers, it uses 'smart' technology to automatically scan and compensate for interference, resulting in a more reliable signal.

Static IP address - an IP address is a series of numbers that identifies a computer on a network. It tells other computers where to send information - much like a physical address does in the real world. With most broadband packages, the IP address changes each time you connect to the internet, but with a  static IP address, it remains the same all the time. That means you can do more with the connection - such as connect to a PC remotely, create a virtual private network and more.

BT Business Broadband special offers 

Free business broadband for six months!

Get any Basic Broadband, Unlimited Broadband or BT Infinity for business package free for six months on a 24-month contract.

BT leased lines

If you have a large office, with lots of people online at once, or if online access is critical to your business, you might want to consider a leased line from BT.

This gives your business its own line that you don't have to share with anyone. As a result it's more reliable and much faster than other types of broadband package - with upload and download speeds anything from 2Mb to 10Gb depending on what you need.

Learn more about leased lines at BT's website.

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