BT Home Hub 5: What you get, what it does and how to get it

ByDuncan Heaney
BT Home Hub 5

The BT Home Hub 5, designed especially for use with BT Infinity, is probably one of the most attractive routers around right now - if you're into that sort of thing. But what does it offer beyond good looks? Let’s find out...

BT ( launched the Home Hub 5 - designed for BT Infinity fibre optic broadband - in June 2013, and we think it's one of the best-looking routers you can get with a package right now.

But beauty isn't skin-deep - or plastic-deep if you want to be a pedant - so lets have a look at what other features the BT Home Hub 5 has and the difference is between it and the BT Home Hub 4.

How do I get a BT Home Hub 5?

If you get a BT Infinity fibre optic broadband package - advertised as offering speeds of either up to 38Mb or 76Mb - you'll get a BT Home Hub 5.

BT Infinity deal

Unlimited Broadband + weekend calls BT Broadband + weekend calls
Monthly cost £7.50 (for 12 months, then £18.00 per month thereafter) 1st year cost: £96.95 Monthly cost £4.50 (for 12 months, then £13.00 per month thereafter) 1st year cost: £60.95
Up To 17 Mb Up To 17 Mb
Weekend calls inc. Weekend calls inc.
Call BT on 0800 783 5390
Mon to Sun 8am-6.30pm
Call BT on 0800 783 5390
Mon to Sun 8am-6.30pm


What features does the BT Home Hub 5 have?

Like the Home Hub 4, BT's latest router uses dual band technology, to minimise the effects of lots of people using Wi-Fi at once. That means less chance of slow speeds, or losing your Wi-Fi entirely.

However, the Home Hub 5 is superior to the Home Hub 4 in that it includes AC wireless technology. What's that? Well, essentially, it's the fastest wireless signal you'll get with a home broadband wireless router. It's great for activities that benefit from faster connections, such as streaming video services like Netflix.

Of course, to benefit from that technological advance, you'll need also need to use a device that's compatible - and that's only going to be something fairly recent. The AC wireless functionality is nice to have, but it shouldn't be the basis for choosing a package with the Home Hub 5.

Rest assured, you should still be able to connect all your gadgets and gizmos using Wi-Fi regardless. What's more, you should get decent wireless speeds, as you'll be using fibre broadband, which should give you a fast, reliable connection, so long as you set up your Wi-Fi properly.

To do that, check out our simple guide to making sure your Wi-Fi is as good as it can be

What does the BT Home Hub 5 look like?

Firstly, there's a snazzy blue strip across the front, by the hub indicator lights. It's a small thing, but we like it - it's a bit like a go faster stripe on a car.

A more substantial difference can be seen with the gigabit ethernet ports on the back. These allow for faster transmission of data than standard ports - something you need to take advantage of the superfast speeds  offers. 

Click here to buy a BT Home Hub 5

BT Home Hub 5

Click here to find out about BT Home Hub 4  

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