Adult TV channels: What you can watch and where you can watch it

ByDuncan Heaney
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There are over 30 adult channels available on UK TV, including Playboy TV, the Adult Channel and Television X. Some you can even pause, fast-forward and rewind. What are the best options?

Sky Adult TV

Sky ( offers a wide selection of free-to-air adult TV channels, such as Babestation, Northern Birds and Playboy TV chat. These channels are available free with any Sky package.

There are also a range of premium channels, such as Television X and Playboy TV, which are subject to daily or monthly subscription charges.

Bear in mind that although your Sky TV package will give you access to all free-to-air channels, including adult channels, their availability is out of Sky's control. This means that the adult TV channels available to you could be added or removed without notice.

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Virgin Media Adult TV

Virgin Media ( offers a selection of adult TV channels on pay monthly plans and on-demand. You can add an adult channel - Playboy TV, the Adult Channel or Televsion X - to your package for a monthly charge.

Alternatively, you can watch these channels, and a few more, including Red Hot TV and Freaky, on a pay-per-night basis.

If you would like to get any of Virgin's adult TV channels, first choose a Virgin TV package. You will be given the option to add adult channels to your basket later in the order process.

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BT TV Adult TV

All BT ( TV services - YouView and BT Vision+ - offer a selection of adult TV shows to watch on-demand. You can get adult entertainment from Playboy, Adult, Television X, Red Hot, and more - with no expensive monthly subscriptions.

YouView from BT and BT Vision+ are available alongside BT broadband and phone packages.

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TalkTalk Adult TV

A number of broadcast and on demand adult TV content is available as part of a TalkTalk ( Plus TV package. These include Playboy, Babestation Xtreme and Television X. Some channels charge a monthly or daily fee to view.

To find adult channels on TalkTalk YouView, go to the adult section in the electronic programme guide (EPG).

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Popular UK Adult TV Channels

Popular adult channels in the UK include:

Playboy TV: Perhaps the world's best known provider of adult programming and magazines. It all began with the magazine and that famous logo, but the empire has grown and it now offers entertainment on a dedicated TV channel.

Playboy content is available on-demand from BT Vision (available via YouView and BT Vision+ set top boxes) and YouView from TalkTalk. The Playboy channel is available on a pay-monthly or pay-per-night basis from Virgin Media.  It's also available on Sky as part of the 'Adult Pack', which also gives you the Adult Channel, Climax, ExGirlfriends, and access to online on-demand content.

TVX: Also known as Television X, this channel broadcasts adult programming every night. Monthly subscriptions are available for Sky, Virgin Media, and YouView from TalkTalk.

On-demand programming is becoming more widespread and has revolutionised the home adult entertainment industry. With TV on-demand it is possible to choose the film you want to watch and when you want to watch it, as well as pause, rewind and fast-forward what you are watching. On-demand adult programming is available with TV packages from BT and TalkTalk.

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