TV Problems

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TV Problems

We help solve your general TV problems in the troubleshooting guide below. However, if you have a fault with your TV equipment please contact the manufacturer directly.

The guide below looks at the following issues:

  • Lost Freeview channels - we show you how to get them back
  • How to connect your set-top box
  • Freezing/'blocking' on your TV picture
  • Watching one channel, recording another
  • Whether you can watch Freeview using an aerial on your TV
  • Set-top box not working properly
  • Remote control malfunction
  • Can I use one set-top box for more than one TV?

I've lost some of my Freeview channels, how do I get them back?

The channels available on Freeview do change from time to time, new channels are added and others are removed or moved to a new channel number. You might also find that you lose channels when your signal is weak or after your signal has been affected by bad weather. If you think you are missing a channel then your first point of call should be to retune your digital box or TV.

How to retune:

  • Press 'menu' on your box's remote control.
  • Select 'tuning menu' (this may also appear as 'setup' or 'installation' - options vary on different boxes) and if asked, enter your password. The default code is 1234 or 0000.
  • Select 'automatic retune' (this may appear as 'auto setup' or 'update') and press 'OK' - if you are asked if it is ok to delete existing channels. Hopefully, the missing channels will reappear at the end of the updating process.

Note: your channel favourites and scheduled recordings may also be deleted during this process so check, and if necessary, reset these.

If that hasn't worked try again, but this time unplug and then re-plug in your aerial before you run the retune.

If you are still having problems at this point check on the Freeview website to see if there are any problems reported with your local transmitter.

The final thing to check is your aerial - take the old fashioned approach and go outside and look at it. If there has been bad weather it is possible it has been knocked down or blown into the wrong position. Check if it is still standing and whether it is pointing in the same direction as your neighbours aerials. If not, you'll need to get a professional RDI or CAI registered aerial installer in to fix it - you can find these listed on the Freeview website.

How do I connect my set-top box?

All digiboxes and set-top boxes will come with installation instructions.

Take the aerial cable from the TV and plug it into your digibox via the 'RF in' socket. Then take a scart lead and connect it from the TV to the digibox as well.

If your TV does not have a scart socket, it may have AV (Audio/Video) sockets instead. These are three individual sockets coloured red, white and yellow. You will need a special lead to connect this to your box. You can get one of these from most electrical retailers.

If your TV only has the normal RF aerial socket, you will not be able to connect it directly to the digital box unless the box has an RF output. Check with the manufacturer or you electrical retailer before you buy.

Then take the aerial from the recorder and plug it in to the TV too. Turn the digibox and the TV on and you should be all good to go. If you continue to have problems installing your set-top box you can pay for an engineer to do it for you. Contact your retailer for more information.

I get freezing/'blocking' on my picture

Often blocking or image freezing is caused by a weak signal or interference of some kind. First you should check that aerial plugs aren't loose, damaged or overloaded with amplifiers or splitters. If this isn't the case, Check your outdoor aerial too: is it pointing in the right direction (compare with your neighbours aerials), has it become dislodged, or is something - such as neighbours scaffolding or a large tree - blocking the signal?

If it is a problem with your aerial, you will either need to talk to your retailer or contact your local aerial installation company.

I can't record another channel

If you're watching one channel but want to record another at the same time, you'll need a personal video recorder (PVR), sometimes known as a DVR digital video recorder.

PVRs record to a built-in hard drive, so blank videos/DVDs are no longer required. You can get Freeview+ boxes - combined set top boxes with PVR capabilities - so you don't need to buy two pieces of hardware.

Can I watch Freeview using an aerial set on my TV?

If you live in a coverage area close to a Freeview transmitter, you may be able to get reception via a set top aerial or a loft aerial, but by far the best way to watch Freeview is through a roof aerial as you will get a much better reception.

My set-top box isn't working properly

If you have lost your picture or are getting an error message, it could be that your set-top box has overheated. You need to ensure that nothing else is placed on top of the box or covering the air vents that stop it from overheating.

Turn it off at the wall for at least 30 seconds and once it has cooled down switch it back on. If this doesn't help, contact your retailer TV supplier.

My remote control isn't working properly

If your remote control is changing channel when you turn the volume down or turning your set-top box off when you want to check your electronic programme guide, you probably need to change the batteries. If this doesn't work, contact your retailer or TV supplier - but brace yourself you may need to buy a new one.

I've bought one set-top box - do I need to buy another for each TV in my house?

Unfortunately, you will need a set top box, (or a TV with Freeview built in) for every television in your house.

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