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Up To 16 Mb

£25 Love2Shop Voucher

£3.50 p/m + £15.95 line rental


Up To 38 Mb

broadbandchoices EXCLUSIVE: £40 Next voucher

£8.00 p/m + £15.99 line rental


Up To 16 Mb

£20 Credit on your first bill

£2.00 p/m + £14.90 line rental


Up To 16 Mb

Overall winner 2013 customer satisfaction awards

£3.25 p/m + £14.50 line rental


Up To 17 Mb

Better than Half Price for 12 Months

£2.00 p/m + £15.40 line rental


Up To 17 Mb

£25 M&S voucher with Sky Broadband Unlimited

£3.75 p/m + £15.40 line rental


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Every home needs a phone

Whether it's for keeping in touch with friends and family or simply to receive a broadband service, most homes would not be complete without a phone line.

After gas and electricity, home phone bills are often the next biggest household expense. However, there are lots of ways you can reduce your home phone costs - so this really needn't be the case.

If you've been with the same phone provider for a number of years, or you're at least outside the minimum term of your existing contract - usually 12 months - there's a good chance you could easily save money by switching provider to secure a better deal.

For some households, getting a better deal will simply mean finding the cheapest line rental, while for others it might be cheap international calls or a home phone bundle that includes broadband, and perhaps TV, as part of one big package from a single provider.

Most major UK providers can now offer home phone and broadband together in one bundle, with a digital TV subscription sometimes available as well. Bundling with one provider is usually the easiest way to save money on multiple services.

With so many providers to choose from - BT, Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk to name a few - the sheer amount of choice can at times seem overwhelming.

Here at we make finding the right deal for you simple and straightforward. And as one of few comparison services to be Ofcom accredited, we pride ourselves on giving clear and impartial results and advice.

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