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Frequently asked questions about pay as you go

What is Pay as you go?

Pay as you go (PAYG) also know as Prepaid, can be a cheaper alternative to standard contracts or sim only deals. Pay as you go ensures just that, you pay as you use services rather than a contractual monthly commitment, allowing you to budget effectively and topping up credit when you need too with no credit check required when applying. Included in a Payg offer is a handset of your choice locked to the network that you can also choose, this also determines your top up conditions and costs.

Why Choose a Pay as you go handset?

Pay as you go is popular because it requires no credit check or contractual commitment and you simply pay for what you use. There are a large range of handsets to choose from, ranging from as little as £5.00 to £500 for the high end Smartphone?s. Listed prices will include the initial cost of the handset (cheaper than sim free) and a minimum top up, usually £10.00 credit. There is also a good choice of networks to choose from for each handset each of them offering varying text, minutes, data allowances and incentives to top up, its important you make a note of these and their charges as they will be higher than a contract or sim only offer. Topping up your Pay as you go service has never been easier, you can top up online, cash machines, newsagents, vouchers, debit card or even text message.

Advantages of pay as you go

  • No monthly commitment
  • Easy to budget
  • No credit check
  • Keep your current number
  • Handset cheaper than Sim Free (part subsided due to network service locked)
  • Re-sale value of the handset
  • Easy to top up

Disadvantages of pay as you go

  • An upfront payment, depending on the handset you choose this can be £5 upto £500
  • Charges for calls, text and data are more expensive than a contract
  • No credit, no outgoing calls, messages or data access

Checklist and questions to answer before comparing deals and completing your Pay as you go

  • How much do you currently spend?
  • What do you use the most, minutes, text or data
  • Do you have a network preference
  • What handset do you want
  • Combine all the above and compare the contract prices to find out which would be cost effective for you (*consider the contract price will mean a monthly commitment and credit check)
  • Compare the Pay as you go handset prices using our comparison platform and apply online
  • Make a note of the separate charges for minutes, text and data as they are higher than normal
  • Make a note of the various options and methods to top up