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Popular mobile phone features and types

  • 4G

    Superfast mobile internet - only with compatible 4G phones and mobile networks.

  • Android

    Google Android has a huge market share, and powers a wide range of devices for all budgets.

  • NFC

    NFC-enabled devices support contactless payment and more. Find out which handsets are future-proofed with NFC.

  • Windows

    An exciting, fun and feature-rich operating system, with loads of apps for work and play.

  • Pink

    Make a fashion statement with a colourful new mobile phone.

  • Touchscreen

    Which phones have the best touchscreens? Compare your options when choosing your next handset.

  • Quad Core

    A quad-core processors gives you a superfast handset without slowdown getting in the way of your multi-tasking lifestyle.


    Not a fan of touchscreens? Opt for a QWERTY device for a consistent layout and more feedback when you’re typing.

  • Blackberry OS

    If BBM is essential check out the Blackberry OS for all budgets and professionals looking for business.

Useful tip

Before comparing mobiles it is certainly worthwhile taking a moment and noting what your key handset requirements are or what you do not like about your current handset. Factors to consider could include design, weight, thickness, screen size, responsiveness or reliability. More technical aspects of the device such as operating system you may have a preference for, speed, camera, video, app store access and battery life. Defining just a few of these points before comparing will help streamline your search and ensure you find the right phone to meet your requirements and day to day routine.

Other mobile phone features and types

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We've all been there. You step foot into a high street phone shop only to be met with wall to wall handsets. The choice of mobile phones available is huge - from basic handsets to high end all singing all dancing smartphones. And with a salesman piling on the pressure, how do you make the right decision?

That's where we come in. Using our comparison tools you can find the right mobile phone quickly and easily - no pressure, no stress.

Decide what you need from your new device and easily find a phone that meets those needs. Search by features, operating systems, colours and more. Check out our expert reviews to see what our editors think or compare phones head to head with our shootout feature to see which one has most to offer.

Here are just some of the ways we can help you find the best phone for you.

Phone features

Choose the features that are important to you, and we?ll only show you handsets that have them. Some of the things you can search for include: operating system, manufacturer, screen size, camera quality, touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard and more.


Not satisfied with Black, Silver or White? Maybe you want to stand out from the crowd and make a fashion statement. With broadbandchoices, you can choose one of the many coloured or designer inspired devices available in the UK.

Handset shootouts

Down to a shortlist but still can?t decide? Compare phones side by side with our shootout service. Compare different features and see which phone is best in each category - real, usable information to help you make a decision.