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Up To 38 Mb

broadbandchoices EXCLUSIVE: £40 Next voucher

£8.00 p/m + £15.99 line rental

Virgin Media

Up To 100 Mb

£8 discount for 6 Months

£12.50 p/m + £15.99 line rental


Up To 16 Mb

Overall winner 2013 customer satisfaction awards

£3.25 p/m + £14.50 line rental


Up To 16 Mb

£25 Love2Shop Voucher

£3.50 p/m + £15.95 line rental


Up To 16 Mb

£20 Credit on your first bill

£2.00 p/m + £14.90 line rental


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So you need a new phone line?

Whether it's for keeping in contact with friends and loved ones or simply to receive a broadband connection, most homes wouldn't be complete without a home phone line.

Although its role in many households has changed somewhat with the rise of mobile phones and broadband, the landline is still very much an important part of modern living.

If you're moving house, you'll want to make sure your phone line is up and running as quickly as possible - and these days it's usually a simple and straightforward process.

First, you need to check whether the property you're moving to already has an active line. If it doesn't, you may need to have one installed or at least have an existing line reconnected or reactivated - most providers will charge for this service.

Prices for new line installation, reconnection or reactivation vary significantly between providers, as well as how much upheaval is required in order for an engineer to connect you.

While there are a wide range of home phone providers to choose from - although people in some areas will have more choice than others - you should always look beyond the cost of simply having the new line set up.

You should also consider the ongoing cost of line rental and making calls.

If the property you're moving to already has an active phone line, you may be able to transfer your existing home phone service to your new home. This will only be possible if your current provider operates in the area you're moving to.

With several things to consider, you should take the time to weigh up all the options and speak to your current provider if in any doubt.

Once you've decided you need a new line, the next step is choosing a provider.

Here at we make this part of the process really easy. Just enter your postcode into our price comparison calculator and we'll show you the best deals available at your home address.

As one of few Ofcom-accredited calculators, we believe everyone is entitled to find the right deal for them and we pride ourselves on giving clear and impartial information and advice.