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Facebook gives News Feed a new look

The undisputed king of social networks has unveiled a revamped News Feed.

Facebook has refreshed the look of its main information stream, making images much larger in a conscious effort to "declutter" its appearance, reports BBC News.

One consequence of the update is that adverts now take up much more screen space, making them harder for users to ignore.


Facebook news feed on mobile devices

1 in 6 web users download illegally

Data published by communications regulator Ofcom shows 16% of British internet users have illegally downloaded music, movies or games - but perhaps not always on purpose.

Broadband news and information site ISPreview reported 41% of all UK web users claim to be "not particularly" or "not at all" confident about what's illegal on the internet.


Tablet traffic overtakes smartphones

Smartphones account for less internet traffic than tablets, according to new research.

A study by software firm Adobe found that in recent months, devices like the iPad have overtaken handsets and are now responsible for 8% of web page visit, compared to 7% on phones.

It also found Brits are more likely to use a tablet than people in any other country.



Web traffic on smartphones and tablets


YouTube to launch a music service?

The world's biggest online video community YouTube is planning to launch a music streaming service later this year, according to digital business news provider Netimperative.com.

It's thought the Warner Music Group is already on board, though YouTube has yet to reach agreements with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

The service would have a similar offering to that of Spotify, giving users access to millions of songs - through either a free app supported by adverts, or a paid subscription.


Frozen Androids give away data

If you happen to live in Antarctica, don't leave your Android phone lying around.

Researchers found that placing an Android in the freezer for an hour helped them get around data encryption that protects the user's privacy, reports the International Business Times.

Once frozen, a smartphone running the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Google's mobile operating system allowed easy access to contacts lists, web history and photos.

Are you worried about smartphone security? Have your say in a comment below.

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