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If I sign up with BT Broadband, will I get a fixed IP address?

What's an IP address?

An IP address works like your home address, telephone or credit card number, to identify your computer and allow it to go online. It acts like a door to the internet, and without one your PC can't communicate with other devices or access the web.

What's the difference between a dynamic and static IP address?

Most home broadband services offer a dynamic IP address, where new sets of numbers are assigned at regular intervals, but some packages do offer the option of having a static (aka: a fixed) IP address, where your computer keeps the same set of numbers each time you go online. A static IP address allows you to run your own website, gaming server or remotely connect to your computer from another PC.

Can I get a static IP address from BT?

BT Broadband's (Visit home internet packages come with a dynamic IP address and you do not have the option to upgrade to a fixed or static IP address.

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What broadband providers can I get a static IP address from?

If a fixed IP is important to you, you should consider a broadband package Plusnet Broadband ( customers on all packages with the exception of Plusnet Essentials Broadband can switch to a static IP address from the standard dynamic IP that comes with the package.

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