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ByHelen Thomas
Sky TV

Sky TV is the home of Sky Movies and Sky Sports and offers more HD channels than anyone else in the UK. The sheer amount of choice can be bewildering though, so let us help you work out what works best for you...

Sky TV packages

Sky TV deals

The Original + Broadband Lite + Talk Weekends The Original + Broadband Unlimited + Talk Weekends
Monthly cost £10.75 (for 6 months) 1st year cost: £225.45 Monthly cost £23.63 (for 12 months) 1st year cost: £240.51
Up To 17 Mb Up To 17 Mb
Weekend calls inc. Weekend calls inc.
Channels 307 Channels 307
Call Sky on 0808 163 1093
Call Sky on 0808 163 1093

You can choose from three Sky TV packages:

Sky Entertainment - This is the most basic Sky TV package, but it still includes most of Sky's entertainment channels like Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, MTV and Comedy Central.

Sky Entertainment Extra - With this package you get everything you get with Sky Entertainment plus a load of extra channels that cover documentaries, kids TV and music, giving you something to suit everyone in your family.

Sky Entertainment Extra+ - This package gives you evcerything you get with Sky Entertainment Extra, but you also get 67 high-definition (HD) channels, Sky 3D - although you'll need a 3D television set to be able to watch stuff in 3D - and boxsets of many different TV series on-demand.

To get Sky TV you can choose a deal from the table above, see what packages are available in your area by using our postcode checker or call Sky on 0844 241 1407. Call 08442 414 141 if you've already got Sky TV but want to add something to your package. However, bear in mind that deals available online may be exclusives that you can't get over the phone. 

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Sky Sports

You can watch live coverage of many sports you can't get anywhere else on Sky Sports.

You can watch live coverage of many sports you can't get anywhere else on Sky Sports, including 116 Barclays Premier League matches each season, UEFA Champions League football, Formula One, international cricket, golf and rugby union.

You can add Sky Sports to any Sky TV package for £22 a month.

If you're a sports fan, you can see how Sky TV compares when it comes to sports with our guide to the best sport TV packages.

Sky Movies

If you're a film buff, Sky Movies is a pretty much where it's at. There are 11 Sky Movies channels, showing films from almost any genre you can name, from action adventure extravaganzas to romcom romps, around the clock.

If you want to see the latest films, Sky Movies is for you.

Sky pretty much always gets the rights to show new films before anyone else, so if you want to see the latest films, Sky Movies is for you.

You can add Sky Movies to any Sky TV package for £16 a month. If you want to watch Sky Movies in HD you'll need to go for the Sky Entertainment Extra+ package.

See how Sky Movies stacks up against the competition with our guide to the best TV packages for film fans.


All Sky TV packages include Sky+, which allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV.

All Sky TV packages include Sky+ which allows you to pause and rewind live TV so if your mum calls in the middle of something you're watching you won't have to try and watch it while she tells you about the woman who lives over the road from your auntie's parrot dying. You can also record up to two programmes or films at the same time while watching something you've already recorded.

One of the handiest things about Sky TV is Remote Record, which lets you set your Sky box to record something online using the Sky TV guide programme guide or on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone with the Sky+ app.

Catch Up TV

Catch Up TV allows you to watch programmes and films you've missed.


This is Sky's imaginatively titled catch-up TV service, which allows you to watch programmes and films from the previous seven days on BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5 as well as from the most popular Sky channels, depending on which ones you subscribe to.

On Demand

On Demand is, as you've probably already guessed, Sky's on-demand TV service. It's included with all Sky TV packages, but what you can watch depends on what package you have. If you have the Sky Entertainment or Sky Entertainment Extra package you can watch a bunch of TV from the previous week and rent films pay-per-view.

On Demand is Sky's on-demand TV service.

If you have the Sky Entertainment Extra+ package you can also watch boxsets of loads of different TV series, like Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos and The Wire, on-demand. And if you have Sky Movies you can watch hundreds on films on-demand at no extra cost.

Want to compare Sky On Demand to similar services available elsewhere? Then take a butcher's at our guide to on-demand TV.

Sky Go

You can watch Sky TV when you're out and about on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone with Sky Go.

You can watch Sky TV when you're out and about on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone with Sky's online television service, Sky Go. And if you have an Xbox 360 you can also use Sky Go to get Sky Tv in another room in your home. 

Depending on what Sky TV package you have, you can watch programmes and films from over 50 channels both live and on-demand using Sky Go, including all 11 Sky Movies channels and all six Sky Sports channels at no extra cost. Just remember that if you use Sky Go on 3G or 4G rather than on Wi-Fi you're liekly to chew through your monthly data allowance in no time at all.

You don't even have to have Sky TV to use Sky Go. You can buy a Sky Go Monthly Ticket and watch Sky channels - the channels you can watch depends on which ticket you buy - on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile. It ain't cheap though - prices start at £15.

Sky TV at the Customer Satisfaction Awards 2013

Sky TV at the Customer Satisfaction Awards 2013.

Sky TV questions

Can I keep my Sky box if I cancel my subscription?

You can keep your Sky box when your contract has ended even if you don't renew it . You'll can use it to watch most of the channels you can get on Freeview, like those from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. Obviously you won't get Sky channels anymore, and you won't be able to record on it anymore either.

What do I need to get Sky TV?

When you sign up to a Sky TV package an appointment will be made for an engineer to visit your home to put up your satellite dish and set up your Sky box.

Before signing up to a Sky TV package you should check that it's cool for you to have a satellite dish fitted to your home - if you live in a listed building and or rented accomodation you'll need to get permission to get a dish put up.

How much does Sky TV cost?

While Sky TV ain't cheap - Sky has to pay for all those films and sports somehow - how much it sets you back depends entirely on which package you go for and what you add to it, especially when it comes to Sky Movies and Sky Sports.

You can save money on what you spend on broadband and phone by bundling both with Sky TV. Sky Broadband Lite and Sky Talk Weekends come free with Sky TV and line rental, or you can bundle Sky TV with faster broadband and an anytime or international call package. Although the latter options will cost you more, it's still likely to be cheaper than getting broadband and a landline from another provider.

To get the best deals on Sky broadband, phone and TV packages you need to be living in Sky's broadband network area. Use our postcode checker to find out what broadband, phone and TV packages are available from Sky and other providers where you live.

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