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TalkTalk is one of the UK's cheapest TV and broadband providers, and with the option to get extra TV channels on a month-by-month basis, as well as upgrade to fibre optic broadband and add inclusive calls, it's one of the most flexible too.

With so many providers out there it can be hard to work out what separates one from another. With TalkTalk (, however, it's value and flexibility. Of the UK's TV and broadband big boys, it's TalkTalk that regularly has the most eye-catching deals and bundles to suit all budgets. 

TalkTalk Boosts mean you can pick 'n' mix what you want without making a long-term commitment. Add a month of children's TV here, a season of Sky Sports there, or international calls while the kids are on a foreign exchange trip - all on a month-by-month basis.

So if you like to keep your options open, as well as get a lot of bang for your buck, TalkTalk is hard to ignore. Let's take a look at what exactly the X Factor-lovin' provider have to offer you...

TalkTalk deals

SimplyBroadband Fibre Medium with SimplyBroadband Fibre Large with SimplyBroadband
Monthly cost £0.00 (for 6 months, then £3.50 per month thereafter) 1st year cost: £27.75 Monthly cost £0.00 (for 6 months, then £13.50 per month thereafter) 1st year cost: £87.75 Monthly cost £10.00 (for 6 months) 1st year cost: £177.75
Up To 17 Mb Up To 38 Mb Up To 76 Mb
Pay as you go Pay as you go Pay as you go
Call TalkTalk on 0800 049 7843
Call TalkTalk on 0800 049 7843
Call TalkTalk on 0800 049 7843

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TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk TV comes in two varieties - Essentials TV and Plus TV. What you go for will depend on how much you love telly. Plus TV allows you to record live TV and includes seven Sky channels. Both also include Netflix, which you can sign up for as part of your subscription.

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TalkTalk broadband

TalkTalk also gives you a choice of two broadband packages - SimplyBroadband, its standard package, or - if you want something speedier - Fibre Broadband.

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Talk Talk home phone

As with most providers, you have to pay line rental to get TalkTalk broadband. But, unlike most providers, TalkTalk doesn't include calls in its standalone packages, so you only pay for those you make. If you regularly make them, you can add a call plan to your package.

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TalkTalk deals

If you're looking for TV, broadband and home phone, it's likely you'll be able to save yourself a tidy little sum by getting them all from the same provider AND you'll reduce the number of bills you have to deal with too.

When it comes to value, TalkTalk's a provider to take note of. As well as offering some of the cheapest bundles around, it also has regular online exclusives that make them an even better deal.

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