EE broadband review

EE broadband review

Our review of EE broadband is based on results from our Customer Satisfaction Survey. The stars represent average ratings from EE customers themselves - so you know it's information you can trust...

How good is EE broadband?

EE Customer Satisfaction Rating (from 89 ratings)

Our provider star ratings are sourced directly from our Broadband Customer Satisfaction Awards. Customers were asked to grade their broadband provider on a scale from 'very satisfied' to 'not at all satisfied' across six criteria.

These criteria were reliability, download times, value for money, customer service, activation speed - how quickly their service was activated after they subscribed - and clarity of billing. A broadband provider's overall rating is taken as an average of these six ratings.

For each provider, our journalists selected a representative sample of customer reviews. Their reviews are shown as-is and are not edited, whether good and bad. We trust they will provide you with a balanced take on each provider.

2.5 Stars 2.5 stars out of 5

User reviews for EE from the Customer Satisfaction Survey carried out in July 2013.

Score breakdown

3 Stars
Quality and reliability

Quality and Reliability refers to how good customers feel the broadband provider is overall and how consistent they found the service they received.

2 Stars

The Speed category indicates how fast customers feel the service they have received from the provider has been compared to the advertised 'up to' speeds.

2 Stars
Customer service/technical support

This gives an indication of the provider's availability to customers and its interaction with them, as well as its ability to solve technical issues.

3 Stars
Service activation

Customer rating of how smooth the process of getting their service activated was - whether it was done within the time specified and so on.

3 Stars
Quality of router provided

Quality of router shows how customers rate the router the provider offers in terms of looks, build quality, features, ease of use and wireless.

3 Stars
Value for money

Measures whether customers believe the overall service they receive from the broadband provider - from speed to technical support - is worth what they pay.

3.5 Stars
Clarity of pricing and billing

This denotes how clear the provider makes it to customers how much they are paying, what they are paying for and what their bill shows.

2 Stars
Additional customer benefits

Customer ratings of any additional benefits the broadband provider offers, such as Wi-Fi hotspot access, online security, static IP addresses or webspace.

3 Stars
Online security features

This is how customers have rated the security the provider offers in terms of effectiveness, how easy it is to set up and so on.

Customer comments about EE

The good

Always helpful and very pleasant to deal with.
Customer service is knowledgable and helpful.
I think they have provided me with great value!!!

The bad

Speed reduces at peak times.
I was getting 10 meg now I'm getting 7 meg.
In my area, EE has a very limited download speed and often crashes at very inconvenient times leaving me very dissatisfied with the service.

EE Broadband deals

All of EE's broadband packages come with speeds of up to 14Mb
and "unlimited broadband" downloads, subject to a fair usage
policy. And if you are already on an Orange mobile phone contract,
you'll be able to get a £5 monthly discount on your home

All EE broadband customers get free McAfee Family Protection
software with parental controls. And, just like EE mobile phone
customers, the provider's broadband users can also take advantage
of EE Wednesdays - which offers two for one cinema tickets, as well
as a free film from iTunes every Thursday.

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