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Virgin Media

Up To 50 Mb

£13.00 off for 6 months on the Essential Collection

£15.00 p/m + £15.99 line rental


Up To 16 Mb

Choose a £100 reward

£21.50 p/m + £15.40 line rental


Up To 38 Mb

broadbandchoices EXCLUSIVE: £40 Next voucher

£15.00 p/m + £15.99 line rental


Up To 16 Mb

Reduced price for 6 months

£6.00 p/m + £15.95 line rental


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We all love TV.

How could we not? Whatever you like - be it soaps, US imports, hilarious comedies, live sporting events or something else - there’s more choice of what to watch on the small screen now than ever before.

Of course, to get the widest variety of shows, you’ll need to sign up to a digital TV service. Not only will you get a wider array of channels, you’ll also get the added benefit of catch-up TV services and on-demand too.

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