How to connect your laptop to your TV

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How to connect your laptop to your TV

Its really simple to connect your laptop to you TV and in this video we take you through the equipment that you need to make it work.

You will need:
- PC or Mac
- Digital TV
- HDMI Cable
- VGA Cable (Male to Male)
- Mini to RCA audio cable

Connecting with HDMI (00:22)
Plug the HDMI cable in both the TV and your computer. Then switch the input source on your TV to HDMI.

Connecting with VGA (00:31)
Plug one end of your VGA cable into the TV and the other into your laptop.
It is advised to switch the power off first.
On your TV, change the input source to VGA/PC/RGB/COMP.
Macs will need a Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter to connect to your tv.

Connecting with DVI (00:53)
DVI ports are only available on some laptops and TVs.
Plug the DVI cable into both the TV and the laptop.
Some Macs require a mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter
If your computer doesn't have a DVI port then you can purchase a HDMI to DVI cable to use instead.

Audio (01:08)
Once you have connected your laptop to your TV via a video cable, use a Mini to RCA cable from your laptops headphone jack to your TV.
You may also have to adjust some audio settings on your computer if it doesn't work straight away.

Finally (01:23)
On a PC you will have to adjust your display setting in the control panel to allow for double display.
A Mac should detect this automatically but if it doesn't -- go to your display setting in the system preferences and click detect displays.

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