Can I get BT Sport on Sky?

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I’m already with Sky and watch a lot of football on Sky Sports. My friend says I should add on BT Sport next season starts because they have some of the biggest games, but how do I actually do that? Any help would be appreciated.

Robbie, via email

You absolutely can get BT Sport if you have Sky TV, but not through Sky directly. Instead, you have to add it to your package through BT itself. Read on and I'll explain how to go about it.

How to add BT Sport to Sky TV

Getting BT Sport on Sky is straightforward - here's how you go about it.

1. There's a page on BT's website that lets you add its sport service to Sky TV. Have your viewing card number handy, then click here to go there.

2. Next, you'll be presented with a few options. If you already use BT broadband, you can get BT Sport for a lower price so choose that option. Alternatively, if you're all Sky, click that box instead. You'll also get to choose between standard and high definition.

3. Follow the instructions onscreen to sign up. You'll have to enter some details, including your Sky viewing card number, but it's all pretty straightforward.

How long will it take to activate BT Sport on Sky?

Not long! Once you've filled in your details, it's common to have access to BT Sport within 15 minutes. At worst, you won't have to wait more than a day. Still, if you're concerned, get it all sorted before the day of the match you want to watch.

Can I watch BT on Sky multiroom?

If you want to watch BT Sport on another TV around the house, you'll have to add it on. Be aware that it will increase the price.

How do I get Sky Sports on BT?

Now, it's possible some of you may have landed here looking for how to get Sky Sports on BT TV. So let's flip Robbie's question around and answer that too. Get ready to see some 'buts'.

Yes, you can get Sky Sports on BT TV.

…BUT only Sky Sports Main Event and Main Event Extra.

…BUT only if you have BT Superfast Fibre with download speeds of 30Mb or more.

If your package meets those criteria, then you can sign up when you switch, or at any other time by contacting BT.


I hope that helps Robbie. If you have any other questions about BT Sport, or Sky Sports, or just sport in general, check out these handy guides:

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