How can I watch Clarkson and co on The Grand Tour?

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I want to watch Jeremy Clarkson and the old Top Gear lads (from when it was good) on their new show. I know it’s an Amazon thing, but how much is it, and what do I have to do to get it?

Jim, via email

Before I answer, I want to get one thing off my chest. I actually liked the most recent series of Top Gear. Yes, it wasn't quite as slick as before, and the new team didn't really gel (in fairness that takes time), but it was still a fun, beautifully shot TV show.

That said, I get where you're coming from Jim - it was better before. That's why so many people are excited about Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May's new project, The Grand Tour. The new similar-but-legally-distinct-to-Top-Gear show started on 18 November 2016 on the Amazon Prime Video service. Read on and I'll tell you how to watch it.

What is the Grand Tour?

The Grand Tour is the show from the former hosts of Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Amazon paid for the show (allegedly quite a lot of money), and it's exclusive to its streaming video service.

Like Top Gear, it's a mix of short films about cars, wacky challenges and banter in front of a live audience. However, unlike the old show, it isn't a studio audience - instead, the team are touring the world with a big tent, presenting from a different location each episode. For example, one episode was filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa, and one in Yorkshire.

It's also far less restrained than the BBC show. Expect more naughty language and a much bigger budget on full display.

In short, expect a similar show to Top Gear of old, but with a slightly different vibe to ensure it's distinct.

The Grand Tour

How do I watch The Grand Tour?

To watch the Grand Tour, you need access to Amazon Prime Video.

That's Amazon's online streaming service - similar to Netflix or Now TV.

To get it, you'll need to sign up to Amazon Prime. That costs £7.99 a month, and also includes access free fast delivery when you order something from the retailer and unrestricted access to the Amazon Prime Music streaming service. You get other perks too, such as early access to special deals and lots of online storage for your pics.

You can see how Amazon Prime Instant compares to Netflix, Now TV and more this guide:

How do I access Amazon Prime Video?

There are loads of ways to watch Amazon Prime Video. You can watch it online through a web browser, watch on your phone or even on a video games console. Here are just some of the ways to access the service:

  • Web browser via PC or Mac
  • Mobile and tablet app
  • Amazon Fire tablet
  • PS4 and Xbox One
  • Amazon Fire Stick (streaming device)
  • Roku (streaming device)
  • Smart TVs, including Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic and more

So as I said… loads of ways. If you're curious about streaming sticks, we have a pretty good guide on the subject that puts three of the best head to head. Read it here.

I hope that helps Jim and anyone who's excited about the return of the old Top Gear team. If you have any other questions, be it about a show, your broadband or your mobile phone, send 'em over on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

The Grand Tour is available on Amazon Prime Instant now.

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