How do I find out when my mobile contract ends?

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Last year I signed a mobile contract with EE but can’t remember exactly when the contract started, and when it ends. How do I find out? And will I be charged any extra fees if I don’t cancel?

Let’s be honest, your network provider isn’t going to rush out and tell you when your contract ends; the longer you’re a customer with them, the better (for them, of course - boo!).

Fortunately, there are loads of stress-free ways to find out how long you have left with your provider, and we’ve listed all of them in this article - yay!

Will my mobile contract end automatically?

Sadly, not - in most cases you’ll just keep paying the same amount with your provider as you are right now. Also, if your provider decides to raise its prices, you could end up paying more than you signed up for. In short, forgetting to cancel your contract really isn’t fun.

Below, we’ve listed some of the UK’s biggest providers, and how to tell if you’re still in contract with them:

How do I find out when my BT contract ends?

If you’re a BT customer, simply log into your BT account and scroll down to ‘Accounts’. Next, click on ‘Products’ - if you have multiple accounts, products will be listed next to each. Then, select each product to find out the start date and end date of your contract.

How do I find out when my EE contract ends?

To find out if you’re still in a contract with EE, log into your ‘My EE’ account and select ‘Upgrade’ status. If you have any trouble logging into your account, or are unsure about anything at all, call EE’s customer services on 0800 956 6000.

How do I find out when my O2 contract ends?

O2 customers can find out the length of their contract by going to ‘My tariff summary’ in their O2 account, or calling customer services on 202 from their mobile, or 0344809 0202 from a landline.

How do I find out when my Vodafone contract ends?

To find out if you’re still in contract with Vodafone, simply log into your ‘My Vodafone’ account and select ‘Upgrade or change plan.’ This will show you the date your contract will end.

You can also check via the Vodafone app, under ‘My products and services.’ Simply click ‘My Plan’ to see when your contract ends.

How do I find out when my giffgaff contract ends?

Good news giffgaff customers; there’s no contract to worry about, as the plan you’re on will be SIM-only, and last one month.

How do I find out when my Tesco Mobile contract ends?

On Tesco’s mobile website, select ‘Help & Support,’ and under ‘Pay Monthly’ you’ll see ‘Your bill and contract.’ Click the link to find out how long you have left on your current contract.

Alternatively, you can use Tesco’s online chat feature to speak to an advisor or call customer services on 03453014455.

How do I find out when my Three contract ends?

If you’re a Three customer, the best way to find out how long you have left on your contract is to log into your ‘My 3’ account. From there, go to ‘Upgrades and offers’ then click on ‘check if you can upgrade.’ Under ‘minimum term,’ you’ll see your contract end date.

What happens if I’m still in contract?

If you’re still within your contract, trying to cancel can be tricky - not to mention, expensive. Indeed, depending on how long you have left on your contract, you could face a pretty hefty termination charge.

Luckily, there are ways around this. We’ve included everything you need to know about leaving your contract early in this handy guide.

What if my mobile contract has ended?

So, you’re out of contract and free to shop around for the best deals. But how do you know which ones to go for? Here at broadbandchoices, we compare the best value mobile plans, and make it as easy as possible to switch.

So, there you have it. For the most part, it couldn’t be easier to find out how long you have left on your mobile contract.

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