Is it cheaper to watch the football at home or at the pub?



I often watch football at the pub - but would it actually be cheaper to watch it at home? I thought BT Sport and Sky Sports were expensive, but I've noticed it's also quite expensive to buy pints in the pub… what do you think?


Our expert Kim says...

Funny you should ask, David - we've recently done a bit of research into this.

According to our stats, when footie fans watch games in the pub, the average amount they spend per match is £30. That'll cover a few pints, a snack or two, maybe a meal for those who want some pub grub.

In the comfort of your own home, however, paying for just your broadband and TV package - plus snacks from the supermarket - averages out at a much lower £19.20 per match.

So, in short, you may think you're saving a few quid by watching football in the pub with a pint… but if you want to keep up with your team, it's actually cheaper to watch at home. That's provided you have a good value sports TV package, of course.

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But there's even more to it than that. We found that the amount you may spend (and save) actually varies depending on which team you support. We looked at the precise costs for watching Premier League games in the UK this season so far, according to what fans of each team said they spent out in the pub, and hoo boy.

The most expensive team to support this season so far is Arsenal. With a whopping 18 games under their belt, it would have cost the average fan £595.80 to watch them in the pub. However, if you watch their games at home, it would only cost £385.20. Clever fans who took out a sports TV package at the start of the season would have saved an incredible £210.60.

Runners up here were Tottenham Hotspur (£562.70 in the pub, or £363.80 for Spurs fans who watch at home); and Chelsea (£463.40 in the pub, or £299.60 at home).

The cheapest team to support, on the other hand, is Watford. A 'pub season ticket' for Watford fans would cost an average of £165.50… or just £107 at home.

Swansea City are the third cheapest team to watch in the pub (£181.30), but they're the cheapest of the lot to watch at home - £90.30 for the whole season so far.

Here's the full table of our findings so you can see how much your team costs…

Football costs at home vs pub

Across the board then, it's cheaper to take out a sports TV package and watch your team at home - up to £210.60 cheaper, in fact, depending which team you support. Have a few mates round and get them to contribute to the pile of snacks, and it's even better value.

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