Samsung Galaxy Note 9: should you believe the hype?

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There’s been plenty of excitement surrounding the new Galaxy Note 9 over the last few weeks. But as its release date draws nearer, what new features does it offer? And how can you get one for the best possible price?

The last member of Samsung’s Galaxy Note family, the Note 8, boasted a large screen with shed-loads of power behind it, a handy stylus pen, and a look sleek enough to make Don Draper hang his head in shame.

Since the Note 8’s release, a lot of Galaxy fans were left wondering how, or if, Samsung could top it.

Finally, after a few accidental (or perhaps not so accidental, depending on how cynical you are) leaks from Samsung over the last few days, and a torrent of blogs spouting every bit of seeped information they could get their hands on, Samsung have given us some concrete answers.


Here’s where the Galaxy Note 9 really shines. With 4,000mAh battery - yep, that’s right Samsung fans, we finally have a 4,000mAh battery on a Note phone! Woo-hoo! - the Samsung Galaxy shouldn’t, in theory, run out of juice for a full day.

This is a huge step up from the Note 8’s 3300mAh battery and will likely set the benchmark for future smartphones.

So, if you’re currently hassling your co-worker all the time to borrow their charger, the Note 9 could be the perfect phone for you.


If you like a big screen, then you’ll be over the moon with the Note 9’s curved, 6.4in, end-to-end display. And it looks like Samsung are now embracing more ‘individual’ styles - the phone comes in four colours: ocean blue with a yellow S-Pen, lavender purple, metallic copper, and midnight black.

Oh, and there’s a headphone jack. Halleluiah, there’s a headphone jack! Because, unlike other providers, Samsung understand that not every person in the world uses Bluetooth headphones - not yet, anyway.


Like the Note 8, this latest incarnation has a dual-camera sensor, and a rear positioned finger-print sensor.

Both cameras are 12mpxl with auto-focus and boast Samsung’s new Intelligent Camera feature that’ll detect closed eyes or image blur in a picture, as well as optimise the scene dependent on colour tones. Put simply, this new feature can do pretty much everything bar take the picture!


Memory-wise, the Galaxy Note 9 offers a minimum of 128 GB of storage, (that’s a whopping 670 hours of film and TV shows!) along with an 512GB upgrade and 512GB micro expansion.

To put that into perspective, this phone will have up to a massive 1TB of storage; more than some laptops. This is great news for anyone fed up of having to constantly delete their apps and photos.


The Note 9’s swanky new S-pen - a popular feature on the Note 8 - will now be Bluetooth enabled, and will let you take photos from far away, pause YouTube videos, and flip though slides without laying a finger on the phone itself. Simply click the S-pen, and you’re good to go.

This impressive bit of kit will also charge itself whilst in the handset, and less than a minute’s charge will buy you half an hour's worth of power.

An extra kicker for gaming fans…

Here’s a perk for gamers; Samsung Galaxy users can access Fortnite beta, a popular first-person multiplayer shooter, before anyone else with an Android phone. The powerful AKG tuned stereo speakers will help create an authentic gaming experience close to that of a console.

Plus, on a practical level, the Note 8 will be dust and water resistant; handy for anyone who keeps their phone round the back of the sofa, or is prone to dropping it down the toilet.

In short, the Galaxy Note 9 is the most powerful smartphone Samsung have ever produced.

But how much will you need to fork out for all this Samsung Note 9 greatness?


Unsurprisingly, it’s not cheap; in fact, (and equally as unsurprising) it’s Samsung’s most expensive smartphone to date. The 128GB version will cost £899, while the 512 GB version will cost you £1,099.

Good news is, you can get it a lot cheaper...

Check out Samsung's website to find the very best SIM-free deals.

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