I'm on TalkTalk Mobile - should I switch to O2?

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TalkTalk just called me and said that TalkTalk mobile is shutting down. Then they offered me a deal on O2 instead. Is this legit? Should I say yes to the O2 deal?

Vince, via email

Yep, it's legit. TalkTalk is closing its mobile arm. You can't renew your contract with the network, but on the plus side there are special deals on O2 for all TalkTalk broadband customers.

What's going on?

TalkTalk Mobile is closing, is what's going on. Once your current TalkTalk Mobile contract ends, you won't be able to renew it or take out a new one with the network. This will affect all TalkTalk Mobile users. If you're on a rolling 30-day SIM plan, including the free Essential SIM, you'll need to switch at some point in the coming months too. We haven't been given a firm date for that, though.

However, so long as you have TalkTalk broadband, the provider is giving you access to a bunch of special mobile deals from O2 that you can switch to.

That can be up to 25% off certain O2 plans, TalkTalk says, though the exact deals may change throughout the coming year. And as a bonus, all its broadband customers can get them - even if you've never had TalkTalk Mobile. Not bad, really.

For more info on what's available, how to sign up, and what will happen to your current contract, see TalkTalk's help page here.

Should I take the O2 offer?

We reckon that depends on a few things…

  • Is this the best value deal you can get? You may be able to get the kind of plan you need at a cheaper price from another network - see the section below for more on this.
  • What's O2 coverage like in your area? If it's a bit shoddy, or if you've been struggling to get signal on TalkTalk Mobile where you live, you're better off switching to another network.
  • Do you want O2's special perks and benefits? O2 is chock full of extras, like O2 Priority, free public Wi-Fi, and early bird tickets. If you'll use them, this is a great way to get them at a lower price. If not, there are cheaper, Priority-less deals out there from other providers.
  • How long will you keep your TalkTalk broadband for? Remember the special O2 deals are only available to TalkTalk's broadband customers.

You have time to shop around and decide whether the O2 offer is the best choice or not - you can call TalkTalk and ask about the offers at any time. But doing a little research before you commit is always a great idea.

If you do decide to take an O2 offer through TalkTalk, you'll be in good hands. O2 is a fab mobile network with good coverage, a wide range of plans to choose from, and lots of extra benefits. Read all about it, and take a look at O2's regular deals, here: All about O2.

However, it isn't always the cheapest option, nor does it have the perfect plan for everyone. We strongly recommend comparing deals elsewhere so you know what your choices are.

What are my other options?

If you're out of contract with TalkTalk Mobile, and don't want to go with O2, you're in luck: there are loads and loads and loads of mobile deals out there that you can switch to. You can even keep your current phone number - just remember to ask for a PAC (porting authorisation code) from TalkTalk.

Try comparing deals with our comparison tool, and find ones that suit what you're looking for. That way you can see what's really available for you out there.

Not totally sure what you want? Bit intimidated by all the options? Take a look at our ultimate guide to choosing a mobile deal.

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