What is Virgin Media Gig 1 Fibre broadband?

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Virgin Media recently completed the first stage of its Gig 1 rollout in Southampton – a service that will provide 100,000 homes with ultrafast broadband. But how much faster is it? How much will it cost? And if you don’t live in Southampton, when can you get it?

Virgin Media Hub 4

Nope, it’s not a wastepaper bin.

It’s Virgin Media’s new router - the Hub 4 – built to deliver broadband speeds twenty times faster than the UK average. And its all thanks to gigabit internet.

But what is exactly is gigabit internet? And when will it be available in your area?

Here’s what you need to know…

What is gigabit broadband and how does it compare to standard broadband?

Put simply, gigabit broadband is a lot faster than standard broadband. Right now, for example, the average UK national broadband speed is 54.2Mbps.

But with Gig 1 fibre broadband, average peak-time download speeds can reach a whopping 1,104Mbps - around twenty times the national average.

This means tasks that usually take hours, such as downloading a PlayStation 4 game, can be completed in just fourteen minutes.

Virgin Media Gig 1 fibre

Downloading a 5MBMoreover, a HD film at 5GB will download in just fourteen seconds – whereas it would usually take thirteen minutes.

In short, if you live in a large household where several devices are used at once, there’s much less chance of lags and interference.

It’s being delivered to homes over fibre-optic networks and, right now, Virgin Media plans to roll out gigabit internet to 15 million homes in Britain by 2021.

How much is it?

It costs £62 per month. Not the cheapest option, but Virgin Media has committed to freezing that price for twenty-two months.

If you’re a Virgin Media customer, you can upgrade to the fastest speeds by signing up to an 18-month contract.

How can I get Virgin Media Gig 1?

As we say, Virgin Media Gig 1 is available to 100,000 homes across Southampton. But it plans to roll out further in the next couple of years. It’s available to both new and existing customers.

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