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  • Woman on a train

    Can I get Wi-Fi on the train?

    I have a five-hour train journey this week, and I’d like to keep occupied by doing some work - but can I use the internet on the train? More »

  • TalkTalk logo

    What is TalkTalk’s phone number?

    Hi there. What’s TalkTalk’s telephone number? I’ve found several on their website, but I’m not sure which one I should call… More »

  • SIM Card

    How do I switch from my monthly mobile contract to SIM-only?

    I’m trying to save money on my phone contract. How do I go about changing from my current contract to a SIM-only plan, and is it worth it? More »

  • Football icon

    How do I watch the 2018 World Cup

    I want to watch the World Cup. How can I watch it online and on TV? More »

  • Football

    What is Amazon’s Premier League football deal?

    I hear Amazon will be showing Premier League football from 2019. What’s it all about? More »

  • Free broadband icon

    Where can I get free broadband?

    The last time I bought broadband, I got a package with free broadband - I just had to pay line rental. Do any providers still do this? Is there… More »

  • Telephone icon

    Can I keep my phone number if I change broadband providers?

    I want to change my broadband to something a bit cheaper, but I don’t want to have to change my phone number. So my question is… can I keep… More »

  • Why can't I get fibre? icon

    I live in the city centre - why can’t I get fibre broadband?

    I just moved to a flat right in the centre of my city, and just found out that I can’t get fibre optic broadband. What’s up with that? The… More »

  • Can I get fibre optic broadband in my area icon

    How does fibre optic broadband work?

    I’m thinking about switching to fibre optic broadband, but I don’t really understand it all. How does fibre work? And should I get it? More »

  • Inappropriate websites icon

    How can I stop my kids from seeing inappropriate websites?

    How can I stop my kids from seeing inappropriate websites? Can I block the websites on their computers, but keep them unblocked on mine? More »

  • Is line rental saver worth it icon

    Is line rental saver worth it? Should I pay for a year upfront?

    My broadband provider lets me pay for a whole year’s worth of line rental upfront, right now. Should I go for it? Is this a good deal? More »

  • Speed test icon

    Broadband speed advertising is about to change - but how?

    I heard that broadband speeds are changing soon - is that true? Will this affect me and my internet at home? More »

  • Football icon

    Is it cheaper to watch the football at home or at the pub?

    I often watch football at the pub - but would it actually be cheaper to watch it at home? I thought BT Sport and Sky Sports were expensive, but… More »

  • O2 logo

    I'm on TalkTalk Mobile - should I switch to O2?

    TalkTalk just called me and said that TalkTalk mobile is shutting down. Then they offered me a deal on O2 instead. Is this legit? Should I say yes to… More »

  • Gaming icon

    How can I improve my Wi-Fi so my Steam Link works better?

    I got a Steam Link for Christmas, but it’s a bit juttery and keeps losing connection. I’m relying on Wi-Fi since my computer is too far away to use… More »

  • Amazon Instant Video logo

    How can I watch Clarkson and co on The Grand Tour?

    I want to watch Jeremy Clarkson and the old Top Gear lads (from when it was good) on their new show. I know it’s an Amazon thing, but how… More »

  • Can I get an unlimited data-only plan for iPad and tablets icon

    Can I get an unlimited data only plan for iPad and tablets?

    I need a SIM plan with unlimited internet, so I can use my iPad on long journeys. I know Three do unlimited phone plans, so can I get one… More »

  • Are there hidden broadband costs icon

    Are there any other hidden broadband costs I should look out for?

    Hi broadbandchoices! The new broadband prices make more sense, and I’m glad line rental isn’t hidden any more. But are there any other hidden costs with broadband that I… More »

  • Countryside

    Why is rural broadband so crummy, and what can I do about it?

    I just moved to a charming village in the Derbyshire countryside, and broadband here is so slow! Apparently it’s the same in most rural areas - is this true?… More »

  • Should I sign a contract to get a cheap iPad icon

    Should I get an iPad or tablet on a contract?

    Want something that’s as easy to use as a smartphone, but has a screen the size of a laptop? Sounds like you need a tablet. More »

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