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  • What is a VPN and do I need one icon

    What’s a VPN, and do I need one?

    Someone told me that if I want to keep my web history private, I need to use a VPN. What’s a VPN, and how do I get one? More »

  • Cable vs fibre icon

    Cable vs fibre optic broadband: What’s the difference?

    I have a choice of broadband providers where I live, but I'm not sure which to go with. Can you please explain the difference between Virgin Media's cable and… More »

  • BT vs TalkTalk logo

    Can I get BT Sport on TalkTalk TV?

    I have TalkTalk TV and I want to get BT Sport. I can't see a way to add BT Sport, though. Is it actually possible to get BT Sport… More »

  • Sky, Playstation & Xbox logos

    How can I watch Sky Go on PS4 and Xbox One?

    If I get Sky, can I watch it on the PlayStation? I reckon that might be a cheap way to watch TV in more than one room - but… More »

  • Without phone line logo

    Is Vodafone really offering broadband without line rental?

    What about Vodafone - they’re offering fibre optic broadband without line rental, no? A couple of people have asked us about Vodafone's pricing system for its broadband, including a… More »

  • IPhone X & iPhone 8

    Should I get the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X?

    I just saw Apple's new iPhones. What's the difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X? Is one of them better than the other? Which one should I… More »

  • Android icon

    What’s Android Oreo like, and when will I get it?

    I heard there’s a new version of Android out - what’s it like, and when can I download it on my phone? More »

  • Sky Sports logo

    Sky Sports is changing - what are the new channels?

    I read in the paper that Sky Sports will work different soon, with loads of new channels. What exactly are these new channels, how do I get them, and… More »

  • Roaming charges in Europe icon

    No roaming charges in the EU - can I use my phone abroad for free?

    EE just told me that I can use my phone abroad without worrying about roaming charges? Is this really true? Where can I go - are there still hidden… More »

  • Ask our expert icon

    What is LLU broadband

    I read that some providers have 'LLU broadband'. What does that mean? Is it better or worse than ADSL? More »

  • BT logo

    I heard BT is cutting phone bills. When will my bill go down?

    I heard that BT is cutting phone bills by £5 a month. Does that apply to everyone? When will my bill go down? More »

  • BT Sport logo

    I heard BT Sport isn’t free anymore. What can I do?

    I just found out BT is raising its prices and going to start charging for BT Sport. I thought it was free for TV customers - what if I… More »

  • iPhone 7

    Ask our expert: Is the new iPhone anything special?

    Is the new iPhone anything special? More »

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