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  • Walter White in Breaking Bad

    The worst dads on TV, and what to get them for Father’s Day

    Greetings card shops are breaking out the golf, beer, and shed insignia, and that can only mean one thing: Father’s Day is coming up. More »

  • Woman outside an old red telephone box

    What’s happening to old red phone boxes?

    All around the UK, there are hints of a former, pre-smartphone era: thousands of red BT phone boxes. These days, most of them only make a couple of calls… More »

  • Ceefax logo

    Teletext and Ceefax: A memoir

    If you’re an old, wizened crone like me, you may remember a certain little televisual relic of days gone by: Teletext, and its BBC version Ceefax. More »

  • texting from pool

    What happened when I took my mobile phone on holiday

    Ah, the holiday season – weeks of sun, sea, and Snapchat. The sad fact of holidays these days is that you can't completely get away from it all. Bringing your phone… More »

  • boy looking at porn on laptop

    Child Safety Week – turn off your phone for the kids

    A few years ago, I was almost run over by Adrian Chiles. At least, I think it was Adrian Chiles. It certainly looked like it was him driving the big, flash BMW,… More »

  • Disability keyboard

    How accessible is the internet, really?

    Broadband is about to become a whole lot more accessible if the government’s new Digital Economy Bill goes through. There’ll be a legal right to fast broadband for everyone,… More »

  • dog flying plane

    Out the trash can and into our hearts: The worst & weirdest reality TV

    Reality TV is doing pretty well at the moment. Reality-specific streaming service Hayu launched not too long ago, and the BAFTA award for best reality and constructed factual show… More »

  • game of thrones

    Spoiler etiquette: how not to be a total Joffrey

    They say you should never discuss politics or religion with people you work with. Sage advice, but I’d add a third option: Game of Thrones. More »

  • Superfast broadband globe

    How to be tech savvy AND eco-friendly this Earth Day

    22 April means the world to us. Why? Because it’s Earth Day, of course. It’s the day when we’re encouraged to love our planet and do what we can… More »

  • Internet access sign

    Should you capitalise the I in ‘internet’? Well, it’s up to you.

    Believe it or not, we at broadbandchoices are big fans of the internet. Or should that be Internet? Well, according to the AP Stylebook, as of June we should… More »

  • samsung gear vr

    Which Virtual Reality headset is the one to get?

    VR’s nearly here and I’m very excited. Even writing this now, it’s virtually (heh) all I can do to stop myself from running around the broadbandchoices office flapping my… More »

  • Woman using a mobile phone

    6 of the prettiest, pinkest, daintiest gadgets for delicate ladies

    Over in a little corner of MWC, two ex-Microsoft employees showcased a prototype of a very special phone. What made it so special? Well, it’s designed for ladies, with… More »

  • mwc 2016

    MWC 2016: What did I miss?

    It was MWC this weekend! That’s Mobile World Congress, a trade show where companies show off all the mobile, smartphone, and telecoms tech they’ve been working on, and in… More »

  • old man yells at cloud

    YouTube makes me feel old so I’m lashing out at it

    A few months ago, my birthday arrived and I turned an age that I absolutely, definitely cannot pass off as my ‘early twenties’ any more. More »

  • Sky Q splash

    Sky Q is more than a TV service – it’s Sky investing in its future

    Whatever you think of Sky, you have to admit that the company is smart. More »

  • bbc three logo

    6 reasons why the new BBC Three will succeed

    It’s fair to say that some of us were a bit shocked when the BBC announced it was switching off BBC Three in favour of a new online-only form.… More »

  • frustrated man

    The ASA wants to simplify broadband pricing. This HAS to happen.

    Earlier this week, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) revealed that it may implement new rules to make broadband advertising much easier to understand. More »

  • Samsung VR headgear

    CES 2016 round-up: The good, the bad, and the weird

    CES – the Consumer Electronics Show – took place last week in Las Vegas. The idea behind CES is that it’s the place for tech companies to show off… More »

  • Blue speed blur

    16 tech predictions for 2016

    Whew, 2015 was a busy year for technology, broadband, and TV. The iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6 were released; the UK telecoms industry got shaken up a bit;… More »

  • 2015/2016 signpost

    2015: the year in review part 2

    In our last post, we looked at some of the most memorable news stories of the first half of the year. Now it’s time to reminisce about the more… More »

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