6 of the prettiest, pinkest, daintiest gadgets for delicate ladies

Woman using a mobile phone

Over in a little corner of MWC, two ex-Microsoft employees showcased a prototype of a very special phone. What made it so special? Well, it’s designed for ladies, with features to suit all our delicate needs – like 2G, and a ridiculously tiny screen.

It's caught the attention of the media worldwide, and reminded us of all the other dainty pink gadgets we've seen over the years. Here are six of our favourite pretty pieces of tech that no self-respecting damsel should be seen without.

1. Cyrcle Phone

Let's start with the gadget of the moment: the Cyrcle Phone. Created by women, for women, this feat of polycarbonate somehow still misses the mark. Company dToor asserts that rectangular smartphones are designed for men rather than women - an interesting idea, and something the founders aren't the first to discuss - and says our phones need a "more natural and sensual form".

The natural and sensual form dToor suggests is a powder compact, which is almost as patronising as the part of the website that mentions soccer moms clucking.

Still, if your delicate lady hands struggle to hold chunky masculine right angles, it's good to know there are other options. You can even get it in a nice feminine dayglow orange.

2. Huawei Jewel and Elegant watches

At CES earlier this year, Huawei debuted its Jewel and Elegant smart watches. The website describes them as "inspired by the timeless style of feminine beauty" and "perfect companions for any classy woman with exquisite taste. Select the way you want to accessorize and let your beauty come through in countless ways."

At least they had the decency to keep the tech specs the same as the rugged men's version. That said, clicking the 'explore more styles for ladies' button on the site takes you to the section about the watch's fitness tracker. Yikes.

3. Honda Fit She's

Any delicate lady needs a delicate lady car to trundle around in. And what better lady car than one which is entirely pink inside and out - right down to the stitching on the seats? The Honda Fit She's is that very car, a vehicle available in either shiny baby pink or a specific shade of brown that the company chose to match our eye make-up (no, really). If that's not dainty enough, the apostrophe in the logo is a heart shape, and driving the car supposedly improves your skin.

Sounds like outdated values, but marketing special cars for ladies flopped as far back as the 1950s. The old 1955 Dodge LaFemme failed to make sales - even though it came with a matching handbag and rain hat. Who'd have thought?

4. Della notebooks

In 2009, PC company Dell wanted to make its laptops appeal more to women. And how do you do that? By creating 'Della', a pastel pink website of tech tips for women, of course. On that website, make sure you include calorie counting tips, a video about vintage shopping, and pretty much el zilcho about Dell computers' specifications.

For some crazy reason, that strategy didn't work. Dell released an apology blog, in which it promised it would actually put tech tips in the tech tips section. Delicate lady minds were subsequently blown.

5. ePad Femme

The ePad Femme is a product for women, but not the kind that comes with wings like the name may suggest. It's actually a tablet designed especially for dainty ladies, and hoo boy, this one's a doozy.

The first thing you'll notice is the super simple magenta interface, with nice big buttons so your clumsy ditzy lady fingertips won't accidentally tap the wrong thing. The apps you'll find ready-loaded include a pregnancy app, shopping lists, recipes, and a clothes sizing converter. There's also the mysterious 'Women's Assistant' - though since the icon shows a scale and tape measure, we can hazard a guess at what it's there to assist.

It was marketed in Asia as "a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications". How kind.

6. AR for her

Acoustic Research went the whole hog and put up an entire website of special lady gadgets. We're talking speakers shaped like handbags, chargers that look like lipsticks, and pink polka-dotted charging cables. And, uh, zero information about the speakers' audio specs. But look, they come in pink!

Bizarrely, the speakers on AR's main website already come in some rather nice lantern designs that are bound to appeal to the aesthetically-inclined. Why the company decided to go full patronisation is anyone's guess. (Clue: money.)


All right, let's get serious for a minute. Women are routinely excluded by the tech industry. That's not really up for debate any more. Men earn 61% more than women in Silicon Valley; 90% of those women have witnessed sexist behaviour at company off-sites and conferences; 52% of women in tech leave the industry because of sexism-related issues; some villages in India have banned girls from owning mobile phones; Microsoft's CEO said women shouldn't ask for raises; 'brogrammer' is a real word we've had to coin; Gamergate is a thing that happened; sadly, the list goes on. While some companies are working hard to close the gender pay gap among their employees, others are… releasing bubblegum-coloured laptops.

Call me crazy, but I'm not sure that making special pink gadgets will solve any of these issues.

Hats off to Dell and co for acknowledging that they need to make an effort to include more women, but c'mon guys… at least show that you see us as multi-faceted human beings. And that those facets aren't just "likes magenta" and "goes shopping".

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