6 weird smartphones you can actually buy


Pretty much everyone is catered for in the smartphone market: hipsters can get the latest iPhone, gamers have their choice of high-powered handsets, and even old folks have a range of phones designed for them. But what if you want a phone that really stands out?

In trying to find the best mobile deals, we at broadbandchoices come across a lot of smartphones, and some of them look a bit more interesting than others. Here are a few peculiar ones on the market right now that have caught this author's eye - and not always for the right reasons.

LG G Flex 2

LG G Flex 2

LG likely created its G Flex 2 as an answer to Bendgate, but it came out some time after the social media world had already moved on from that particular hashtag. Yes, this is a phone that bends - on purpose, this time.

The 5.5-inch screen can withstand massive amounts of pressure to twist it this way and that, always going back to its original slightly-curved shape. It's got some pretty good specs under its belt too, like a 'self-healing' back panel, octa-core processors, and a 13MP camera. Admittedly it's not quite the super-flexible folding screen we've been hoping for, but hey, it bends, how cool is that?

Vertu Signature Touch

Vertu Signature

The company that made the Bentley-branded smartphone released the Signature Touch earlier this year - and the pure jet red gold version can be yours for the sweet, sweet price of £13,700. Or if that's a little out of your budget you can pick up the bargain red calfskin one for just £6,500.

Each model is individually handmade by someone in Hampshire, using luxurious materials like alligator skin, sapphire crystal glass, and forged grade 5 titanium. And like all things designed purely as a way to show off how much money you have, it's ugly as sin.

So what are you paying for with this phone? Well, there's the individual handmade element, and of course the ringtones recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra - not to mention the concierge service that can get you reservations at some very exclusive venues.

Blackberry Passport

Blackberry Passport

Yes, Blackberry is still making phones - and yes, they still have physical keyboards. Its latest offering is literally the size of a US passport. We're talking a perfectly square 1:1 aspect ratio touchscreen, with a three-line QWERTY keyboard underneath it. Ergonomics? What ergonomics?

Every article I could find about this bizarre phone is festooned with pictures of it showing spreadsheets on the display, which says a lot about its intended purpose - though in all fairness, the Passport isn't a bad shout if that's what you want to use your phone for. And despite being a bit divisive, it's a genuinely innovative and unique design, so props to Blackberry for that.

NoPhone Zero

NoPhone Zero

The NoPhone Zero is not a phone. There's no camera, no battery, no 4G, no nothing. It's literally a slab of phone-shaped plastic to give you something to do with your hands. You can even get a special 'selfie' version that takes real-time selfies (Spoiler: there's a mirror stuck on the front).

It's perfect if you want to make a subversive statement about the proliferation of smartphones in contemporary society, so long as that statement is 'I am probably insufferable'. On the plus side it'll still work exactly the same if you drop it in the toilet.

Yota YotaPhone 2

Yota YotaPhone 2

What's better than a smartphone with a touchscreen? A smartphone with two touchscreens, of course.

The YotaPhone 2 is rocking not just a Full HD AMOLED touchscreen on the front, but a secondary grayscale e-ink one on the back as well. It means you can save some serious battery power by using the e-ink side for mundane tasks like texting and checking the time - so it's not a totally crazy design choice, but it's still weird. And actually, the more I read about it, the more it starts to sound like a really good idea. All hail the weird e-ink smartphone.


The Runcible is circular. No, really. Berkeley-based company Monohm describe it as an 'anti-smartphone' inspired by old pocket watches and compasses, and wants it to be an heirloom passed down through generations accordingly. 'Just to hold it is calming', apparently. Admittedly it does look nice to hold, but its classy new-age image hasn't stopped people writing articles about how it looks like a door knob.

Its perfectly circular screen has lead to some interesting creative choices for a smartphone - like the fact that it runs Firefox OS, takes round photos and videos, and has no microphone or speakers. You'll need a separate Bluetooth headset if you want to use this phone as, you know, a phone.

The Runcible isn't out just yet, but you can sign up for pre-orders at Monohm's website if you want gift ideas for your future progenies.

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