Money-saving tips for students: film and TV

ByJohn Barker
Watching sports

Being a student isn’t all about attending lectures and going down the pub. You’ll also have an awful lot of downtime, especially if your loan gets held up and you can’t go out – and if you’re anything like us, you’ll fill a lot of it watching TV series and movies.

The good thing is that entertainment is one area where it's easy to save money - if you follow my awesome tips, that is…

Share your subscriptions

TV and movie streaming services like Netflix are great and all, but they don't have everything, which can be inconvenient if there's something in particular you want to watch. Different shows and movies are on different services - some stuff's on Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video (formerly LOVEFiLM) has its own collection, and most new flicks show up on NOW TV first.

Signing up for all three will cost you a bundle, but if you live in a shared house, you can share your subscriptions and thus split the cost. One person can sign up for Netflix, one for Amazon Prime Instant Video and one for NOW TV, then you can exchange login details so everyone has access to everything. Sharing is caring after all.

Leave the TV at home

The great thing about streaming is that it throws up multiple money-saving opportunities. For example - thanks to catch-up TV services like BBC iPlayer, you can watch what you want, when you want, and you don't need a TV to do it.

Watching TV on phone

That means there's no need to shell out for a television set for your houseshare. Even better is the fact that if you stick entirely to catch-up and on-demand TV, there's no need for a TV licence - and that's a massive saving right there.

The downside is that without a TV licence you're stuck with what's on catch-up and on-demand, because if you watch live TV, even online, you need to have a TV licence. Watching TV online eats tons of data too, so make sure your broadband package is unlimited so you can watch stuff freely.

Cut the bottom out of a cardboard box and make your own movies

Pah - who needs all this Netflix and BBC iPlayer nonsense when you can get a cardboard box, cut out the bottom and act out what you want to watch with your housemates.

From EastEnders to Avengers Assemble, all you need is a few costume changes, a spot of imagination and enough booze to not mind that Black Widow's being played by a hairy rugby player called Keith instead of Scarlett Johansson.

It's fun for the whole household - just bear in mind that if someone suggests re-enacting the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, things have gone too far.

Because it's boring.