The worst dads on TV, and what to get them for Father’s Day

ByKim Staples
Walter White

Greetings card shops are breaking out the golf, beer, and shed insignia, and that can only mean one thing: Father’s Day is coming up.

It's got us thinking about our favourite dads on TV, and there are plenty of them - Homer Simpson, Uncle Phil, Marty Crane, the list goes on. Not all TV dads are quite so amazing, though. In fact, we've picked out a few who should probably work on their parenting, pronto. Here's our top five.

5. Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Jamie Lannister

Why he's a terrible dad: There's no shortage of terrible father figures in Game of Thrones. There's Tywin Lannister's divide-and-conquer approach to parenting; Walder Frey's entourage of children he couldn't care less about; and Roose Bolton's apparently genetic appreciation of torture.

But the thing about Jaime is that he's the only one on the list who impulsively pushed his kids' friend out of a window… and his children are a result of incest between him and his sister. That's a messed-up Father's Day right there.

His perfect Father's Day gift: This one-handed bottle opener, for all that wine they drink in King's Landing.

4. John Winchester (Supernatural)

Why he's a terrible dad: Poor Sam and Dean. Supernatural is littered with flashbacks of times when John Winchester left his two sons - barely aged in the double digits - alone to fend for themselves while he went off hunting. Sure, he was saving the world from the literal apocalypse, but even when all that was over the abandonment didn't stop. Daddy Winchester only ever dipped back into his kids' lives every now and then to have a bit of a shout about, like, ghosts or whatever. Not cool.

His perfect Father's Day gift: A nice big 25kg bag of salt. He can use it in his hunting to trap demons and other nasties - plus it'll go great with his salty attitude.

3. Dave Lister (Red Dwarf)

Why he's a terrible dad: Not only is he his own dad - which is an absolute Father's Day nightmare - he also abandoned his son under a pool table, then endangered his son's life by bringing a cat aboard when he joined the crew of the Dwarf. Damnit, Dad.

His perfect Father's Day gift: You'll have to ask Lister. He knows his dad better than anyone.

2. Dexter Morgan (Dexter)


Why he's a terrible dad: He is a literal serial killer. It can't get a whole lot clearer than that. Psychopathic murderers aren't exactly the ideal parents - especially when embroiling himself in all that murder leads to Dexter's baby son lying in a pool of his mother's blood, almost being killed as a sacrifice, and continually being shunted around to keep him out of trouble.

Granted, Dexter does do his best to try and keep his son safe. But you know what, I just can't look past that whole psychopathic serial killer thing.

His perfect Father's Day gift: A coupon for a top-notch therapist.

1. Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Walter White

Why he's a terrible dad: Where do we start? There's all the drug dealing, the drug manufacturing, the crime, the deals with mobsters, the murdering… That's just the stuff that makes him a terrible person - so it's hardly surprising that it all spilled over into his parenting. His lies and dirty dealings caused his only son to reject him entirely, and to top it all off he used his daughter as a pawn to manipulate his wife. Yikes.

His perfect Father's Day gift: This funky owl-shaped door knocker. After all, he is the one who knocks.


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