Why I won’t be too blue if Blinkbox goes belly-up

blinkbox logo

As you may have seen in the news this week, film streaming site blinkbox might die unless a buyer is found soon, as its owner, daddy of UK supermarkets Tesco, has finally had enough of it trailing behind Netflix.

I've nothing against Tesco, but it has to be said it's better at groceries and mobile phone deals than it seems to be at film and TV streaming. And that's why no one should be upset - or surprised - if and when blinkbox eventually gives up the ghost.

The following examples illustrate where blinkbox got it horribly wrong with pay-per-view rentals, and how Netflix has nailed it with all-you-can-eat subscriptions…

Breaking Bad

Watching seasons 1-5 on blinkbox

Total cost: £77.95

Watching seasons 1-5 on Netflix

Total cost: £6.99 a month

The Hobbit: Parts 1 and 2

Watching both on blinkbox

Total cost: £16.98

Watching both on Netflix

Total cost: £6.99 a month

The Office USA

Watching seasons 1-7 on blinkbox

Total cost: £79.93

Watching seasons 1-7 on Netflix

Total cost: £6.99 a month

When you do the maths, it's easy to see how your money goes further with 'unlimited' streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. And when the same TV shows and films are often available, it's hard to understand why anyone would be using blinkbox at all.

OK, it was designed for occasional viewers - those who don't want to set up a direct debit and who don't 'binge' on films and TV series - but even if you only watch a couple of films or a series a month, you'll still get it cheaper with all-you-can-eat than you will through pay-per-view.

You're also free to watch what you want, when you want, without having to a pay anything extra. Streaming everything above will cost you just shy of £175 on blinkbox. On Netflix, less than £7 - well, as long as you can cram it all into one month. As hardships go, it's one I could live with…

What do you think? Will you be sad to see blinkbox go? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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