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  • 2015/2016 signpost

    2015: the year in review part 1

    With 2015 almost in the rear view mirror, it seems like a good time to reflect on the year that was. More »

  • hapifork

    6 stupid gadgets you should totally buy your loved ones for Christmas

    It’s that time of year again: a couple of weeks before Christmas, the moment when you’ve realised you haven’t done all the Christmas shopping you need to do. More »

  • Netflix app icon

    What to watch on Netflix when you’re ill

    I’ll be honest – it hasn’t been the best week so far. Why? One (hyphenated) word: man-flu. More »

  • kids watching tv

    The 6 eras of British kids’ TV

    We’ve got an exciting weekend up ahead: Friday 20 November is Universal Children’s Day, and the 21 November straight afterwards is World TV Day. Sounds like a good time… More »

  • Vertu Signature Touch

    What’s the best smartphone for each James Bond?

    James Bond is very picky about his smartphones it seems. Earlier this week, we heard how the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Sony Xperia Z4 were turned down by the… More »

  • Halo

    Does Halo 5 prove that the UK’s broadband isn’t fit for purpose?

    Halo 5, the latest game in Microsoft’s incredibly popular video game series, launched last week to great fanfare. The critical reaction was mostly glowing – there were a few… More »

  • yotaphone

    6 weird smartphones you can actually buy

    Pretty much everyone is catered for in the smartphone market: hipsters can get the latest iPhone, gamers have their choice of high-powered handsets, and even old folks have a… More »

  • Zombies

    5 spooky mobile apps for Halloween

    There’s only a couple of weeks to go before the spookiest night of the year. That means you haven’t got long to carve a pumpkin, make a ghost costume… More »

  • fears with tears and joy

    Emoji are here whether we like them or not

    Today I feel very thumbs-up pleasantly-blushing-smiley-face glowing-star. If you’re not sure what I mean by that, you’re probably not used to using emoji. More »

  • angry birds icon

    Angry Birds 2 is everything that’s wrong with mobile games

    There’s a train of logic that says this: if a business does something that makes things worse for consumers than they were before, that business is not long for… More »

  • girl listening to music in laptop

    What makes a good music streaming service?

    No matter how much people like Noel Gallagher might moan about it, streaming music is the future. Actually, it’s not the future – it’s right now. More »

  • apple watch

    I, for one, welcome our Apple Watch-wearing trailblazers

    In our last blog post, Duncan argued that there’s no good reason to buy an Apple Watch. He said the tech isn’t refined enough to bother investing in, and… More »

  • apple watches green and silver

    Should I get an Apple Watch? Um, well…

    Now that the Apple Watch has been out for a few months, it seems like a good time to evaluate its place in the world. It arrived with more… More »

  • Using a smartphone at a festival

    Festivals ‘n’ phones: 4 ways our mobiles are changing festivals

    Festival season is upon us, with Wireless truly kicking off on Friday and Reading and Leeds on the horizon. More »

  • Mobile phone in use

    Could we get by on a phone with just a data plan?

    Earlier this week, WhatsApp announced a new feature on its iPhone app – free voice calling. Android folk will have already seen the update, and the iPhone version is… More »

  • man watching football

    Money-saving tips for students: film and TV

    Being a student isn’t all about attending lectures and going down the pub. You’ll also have an awful lot of downtime, especially if your loan gets held up and… More »

  • Woman online shopping

    Money-saving tips for students: shopping

    We've got three tips for money-saving when you're a student that you may not have thought of... More »

  • Woman eating junk food while watching TV

    Best apps for cooking

    What’s cooking, good looking? …ahem, just talking to the iPhone there. Over the last few months, I've been making a concerted effort to improve my culinary prowess. More »

  • App of the week: Monument Valley

    Monument Valley is like one those images brought to life. It's a puzzle game that tasks you with guiding little princess Ida through a series of levels, packed full… More »

  • ee vr bt sport

    Hey you guys – virtual reality is actually really good!

    This weekend I got the chance to try out the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift. I’d heard a great deal about it before, of course. Some of the broadbandchoices… More »

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