How to get Nigerian TV channels in the UK

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In the UK, our airwaves are packed with plenty of international TV channels - and that includes some of the very best telly from Nigeria. For Nollywood movies, West African news, and your favourite Nigerian soaps, here are the channels you can watch and how to get them.

How do I watch Nigerian TV in the UK?

The short answer here is that to watch Nigerian TV channels, you’ll probably want Sky TV. This’ll nab you four or so channels. The good news is that because it works through satellites, you can get Sky TV from pretty much anywhere - and those Nigerian channels are available on even the most basic package.

If Sky isn’t for you, you can also get the Nollywood Movies channel with TV from Virgin Media - though sadly no other Nigerian channels.

Or, watching TV with a Freesat box will get you Nigerian news channel Channels 24 - which is also available through Sky. Read more about Freesat here.

Which Nigerian channels can I get?

Africa Independent Television

Channel number: Sky 232

Africa Independent Television (AIT) says it aims to create TV for Africans, from Africans - with a focus on the continent’s expatriates around the world. It’s based in Nigeria and broadcasts plenty of Nigerian content, and if anything it’s centred more around there than anywhere else. Check it out for current affairs, arts, culture, and more - it’s kind of like the BBC Four of the West African diaspora.

BEN Television

Channel number: Sky 238

You’ll get a mixture of all kinds of Nigerian telly on BEN, aka the Bright Entertainment Network. Its official ethos is “safe family viewing and empowering communities”, so it’s safe to say it’s a family-friendly, socially responsible network. Like AIT, it’s mostly aimed at expatriates, and comes loaded with plenty of Nigerian shows and Nollywood films. Think talk shows, sports, lifestyle, docs, religion, and current affairs.

Channels 24

Channel number: Freesat 213, Sky 575

A branch of Channels Television, Channels 24 is a Nigerian news channel, where you can catch the latest African and international news and current affairs. In its own words, it covers everything from “politics, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and health”.

It’s a free-to-air satellite channel, so you can get it either with Sky TV or through Freesat.

Nollywood Movies

Channel number: Sky 329, Virgin Media 835

Nollywood Movies gives you 24/7 Nigerian film to watch - there’s over 30 new ones added each month, complete with a daily premiere every night. You’ll also get soap operas like Tinsel, red carpet events, entertainment news, celebrity interviews, and more.


Channel number: Sky 344

The newest addition to the Nigerian TV roster, Rok is where you’ll find tons of Nollywood movies and TV shows from the film studio of the same name. It’s the studio that produces the likes of Husbands of Lagos, Desperate Housegirls, and Losing Control - and it broadcasts 24 hours a day, so there’s always something to watch.

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