Free Premier League games on TV: a guide to what's on when


33 of the remaining games of the 2019/20 Premier League season are free to watch, as we count down to the end of one of the strangest campaigns in living memory. Here's how you can see them.

To outsiders and the uninvested, it must feel like football fans recycle the same talking points endlessly. Not so the last few months.

Latterly, the familiar daily diet of ‘will-he-won’t-he’ Arsenal transfer sagas and VAR outrage has been replaced by utterly novel, moral discussions about whether it’s fair to relegate clubs on a points-per-game basis.

And with empty stadia apparently set to become a fact of footballing life, some even pondered grand philosophical questions about whether a game can really be said to have been won if no-one was there to witness it.

But now it seems all those airy hypotheses are all by the by.

This week there was good news for followers of the game, with the announcement that the Premier League will return on 17th June.

The better news is that all 92 games will be shown live. And the even better news is that 33 of the remaining games will be free to watch.

So which games are free? Where and how can you watch them? And are there any money-saving ways to watch the fixtures you’ve got to pay for?

Read on and we’ll explain all…

Which broadcasters are showing games?

Sky is airing 64 games, with 25 games that you can see for free.

Amazon Prime is airing four games, all of which you watch free.

The BBC is also screening four games. And they’ll all be free (assuming you consider the license fee ‘free’).

BT Sport is showing 20 games. None of which are available to watch free, but you can sign up for a month's pass and cancel as soon as the season ends.

Sky Sports fixtures, free games and how to watch


You can tune into Sky’s 25 free-to-watch games on its free ‘Pick’ channel, which you’ll find on 159 on Sky and 11 on Freeview.

The first of its free-to-watch fixtures is Norwich vs Southampton, which airs on Friday 19th June. Two days later, paying customers can settle down for the Merseyside derby, with Everton vs Liverpool going toe to toe on Sunday 21st June.

The full program of live games on Sky looks like this…

  • Wed June 17: Aston Villa vs Sheff Utd - 6pm, Sky Sports
  • Wed June 17: Man City vs Arsenal - 8.15pm, Sky Sports
  • Fri June 19: Norwich vs Southampton - 6pm, Sky Sports, Free on Sky Pick
  • Fri June 19: Tottenham vs Man Utd - 8.15pm , Sky Sports
  • Sat June 20: West Ham vs Wolves - 5.30pm, Sky Sports
  • Sun June 21: Newcastle vs Sheff Utd - 2pm, Sky Sports, Free on Sky Pick
  • Sun June 21: Aston Villa vs. Chelsea - 4.15pm, Sky Sports
  • Sun June 21: Everton vs Liverpool - 7pm, Sky Sports, Free Sky Pick
  • Mon June 22: Man City vs Burnley - 8pm, Sky Sports
  • Tue June 23: Leicester vs Brighton - 6pm, Sky Sports
  • Tue June 23: Tottenham vs West Ham - 8.15pm, Sky Sports
  • Wed June 24: Man Utd vs Sheff Utd - 6pm, Sky Sports, Free on Sky Pick
  • Wed June 24: Liverpool vs Crystal Palace - 8.15pm, Sky Sports
  • Thu June 25: Southampton vs Arsenal - 6pm, Sky Sports
  • Thu June 25: Burnley vs Watford - 6pm, Sky Sports, Free on Sky Pick
  • Sun June 28: Watford vs Southampton - 4.30pm, Sky Sports, Free on Sky Pick
  • Tue June 30: Brighton vs Man Utd, 8.15pm, Sky Sports, Free on Sky Pick
  • Wed July 1: Everton vs Leicester - 6pm, Sky Sports
  • Wed July 1: Bournemouth vs Newcastle - 6pm, Sky Sports, Free on Sky Pick
  • Wed July 1: West Ham vs Chelsea, 8.15pm, Sky Sports
  • Thu July 2: Sheff Utd vs Tottenham - 6pm, Sky Sports
  • Thu July 2: Man City vs Liverpool - 8.15pm, Sky Sport

BT Sport fixtures, free games and how to watch

bt sport commentary

BT Sport isn’t showing any games free. So you’ll have to pay for a BT Sport monthly pass to watch them.

These are priced £25, which gets you a whole month of access, with the option to cancel for no charge when all the games are played.

It’s also worth noting, BT is offering a discount on its sport add-ons for existing fibre broadband customers.

They can get BT’s Big Sport package for £20 (normally £40). This includes all BT BT Sport channels, as well as BoxNation and all 11 Sky Sports channels with the NOW TV Sky Sports Pass.

The first game to be shown on BT is Watford vs Leicester on 20th June. Thereafter, there’s a live game every few days or so and the FA Cup quarter finals on the 28th.

The full program of live games on BT Sport shapes up like this…

  • Sat June 20th: Watford vs Leicester City – 12.30pm, BT Sport
  • Sat June 20th: Brighton vs Arsenal – 3pm, BT Sport
  • Wed June 24th: Newcastle vs Aston Villa – 6pm, BT Sport
  • Wed June 24th: Wolves vs Bournemouth – 6pm, BT Sport
  • Thu June 25th: Chelsea vs Man City – 8.15pm, BT Sport
  • Sat June 27th: Aston Villa vs Wolves – 12.30pm, BT Sport
  • Wed July 1st: Arsenal vs Norwich City – 6pm, BT Sport

Keen to find out more about BT Sport Monthly Passes? Here's what you need to know.

Amazon Prime fixtures, free games and how to watch

amazon football

As we’ve already mentioned, all four of Amazon’s games will be free to watch. You’ll be able to do so on Amazon Prime’s website or via the app, with no subscription required.

As you may know, though, if you do decide to sign up you can take advantage of Amazon’s ongoing offer of a 30-day free trial. That gets you access to Prime’s range of programming, in exchange for your email address.

From thereon in, you’ll be billed at £7.99 per month.

The first game on Prime is Crystal Palace vs Burnley on Monday 29th June at 8pm.

At the time of writing, we don’t know what the other live games will be. Or when they’re airing. But we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we get word.

BBC fixtures, free games and how to watch

The first of the Beeb’s four live games is Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace, which is, of course, free to watch and kicks off at 7.45pm on 20th June.

Then on 24th June we’ve got Norwich vs Everton at 6pm.

The other two live fixtures were unconfirmed the time of writing.

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