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Ofcom reveals the best performing home broadband providers of 2019. Find out how your provider scored and if you might be better off elsewhere…

Telecoms watchdog Ofcom has published its yearly customer service report, covering how well major broadband providers performed for key metrics such as number of complaints received, value for money and overall customer satisfaction.

The report, which includes provider performance up to January 2020 (and pre-coronavirus), showed around 85 per cent of consumers were satisfied with their current service, while 12 per cent had reason to complain.

According to Ofcom, the most common complaints made in 2019 were for slow broadband speeds and intermittent or total loss of service, along with billing, pricing or payment issues.

Here’s how the big-name providers scored:

Broadband satisfaction

Ofcom performance table

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On average, Plusnet scored an impressive 93% satisfaction rating for its overall service, with 14 per cent of its customer base having reason to complain in 2019.

However, the provider also received one hundred complaints for every hundred thousand subscribers, which Ofcom found was the second highest only to Vodafone, which who received one hundred and fifteen complaints.


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TalkTalk customers were less satisfied with their service, and only 44 per cent were happy with the way their complaints were handled.

As a result, TalkTalk customers were significantly less likely to recommend the provider to their friends and family, and only 78 per cent were satisfied with their overall service.

Virgin Media

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On average, 85 per cent of customers were pleased with the service they got from Virgin Media in 2019.

That said, 14 per cent of customers had reason to complain – with TalkTalk and Plusnet, the second highest figure on the table – and just 46 per cent of its customer base were satisfied with how their complaints were handled.


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Impressively, 66 per cent of EE users who were surveyed by Ofcom were satisfied with its complaint handling which is up from the previous year, and higher than the industry average.

Typically, customers had to wait just 26 seconds for their calls to be answered, and EE scored a respectable overall 88 per cent for overall satisfaction rating.


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According to the report, Sky customers had to wait 2 minutes and 28 seconds for their calls to be answered in 2018.

But although this number is significantly higher than the likes of EE, 86 per cent of Sky’s subscribers also said they were satisfied with the service they received, overall.


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BT scored a decent 86 per cent overall customer satisfaction rating and, according to Ofcom, just 10 per cent of customers had reason to complain – the lowest score on the table along with Post Office, which also scored 10 per cent.

Call waiting time

There’s not much in life more frustrating than having to wait a long time on the phone to your provider when you experience a problem with your services.

Indeed, Ofcom says the average time customers had to wait in 2019 was two minutes and 10 seconds, and 6.9 per cent of total calls were ended while the customer was still in the queue.

Ofcom call waiting time table

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As you can see, EE customers had to wait on the phone just 26 seconds in 2019. And BT customers were on hold for just under a minute.

Conversely, Virgin Media users were left listening to hold music for an average of four minutes and 26 seconds, while Plusnet – which scored the highest – left customers for three minutes and 48 seconds.

However, we should point out here that although some of the above providers boasted less than satisfactory waiting times, this doesn’t necessarily mean their issues weren’t dealt with satisfactorily by their customer service team.

For example, Plusnet scored an impressive 93 per cent satisfaction rating, despite its long waiting call waiting time.

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