Sky Q upgrade 2020: what you need to know


Sky has made its high-end set top box more user-friendly, with better voice search and a new interface that makes it easier to find the TV you like. We take a look at what it’s got to offer…

Sky is rolling out a major upgrade for Sky Q customers. Free to download and due to land on Sky Q boxes over the next few weeks, the improved software and suite of fresh features are being touted as the biggest change to Sky Q since it launched back in 2015.

Here’s what you’ve got to look forward…

New interface and smart button

sky q update 2020

First and foremost, Sky Q will look different after you’ve upgraded. But the changes aren’t just cosmetic.

Sky has extensively revamped the user interface, with the benefit of allowing you see more of the homepage. And in turn, see more of the sort of shows you like.

The redesign is accompanied by an innovation called ‘smart button’, which has different functions depending on what you’re doing at the time.

For the sake of example, if you’re midway through an episode of the Wu Tang Clan documentary, the button will say ‘continue the episode’. But if you’ve just finished the episode, the button will suggest you start the next one.

Show centres and Sports centres

Sky Q Sports Centre

Show centres are hubs for your favourite shows, where you’ll find all the episodes available at that time, as well as broadcast schedules and on-demand links. So you’ve got everything pertaining to the show in a single location.

Sports centres are similar, but gather together content related to the sport in question. So if football is your thing, the hub will feature the latest games on Sky Sport, the Sky Sports app, BT Sport and terrestrial channels.

But sports centres also host documentaries on the above channels and YouTube alongside a fixture list, podcasts on Spotify and tables.

Improved voice search

sky q update 2020 lifestyle

Sky Q currently lets you conduct voice searches for a particular actor’s body of work just by saying their name. The revamped Sky Q will feature enhanced voice search, so it’ll now let you search for genres of films starring that same actor.

For example, it’ll now understand searches such as ‘action movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger’ or ‘comedies with Will Ferrell’.

Sky also plans to make possible to search more widely for themed content, such as ‘Christmas’, ‘Halloween’ or ‘new shows’.

Disney+ in HD

disney plus

Disney’s streaming service in standard definition landed some time ago. But, provided your box is compatible, from hereon in it’ll also be available in high def on Sky Q. The only other streaming service that currently offers Disney+ in HD is Apple TV.

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