Tesco Mobile cuts prices on iPhone XR, Galaxy S10 and SIMS for 100th birthday

Tesco Mobile

Network unveils ‘best-ever’ prices on S10 and iPhone 7 to mark 100th anniversary. And you can save £90 on the iPhone XR too.

Every little helps. When it comes to paying your household bills or getting hold of a cutting-edge smartphone, this much we know.

But the good news is you can save a lot more than a little with Tesco Mobile, which has unveiled what it’s touting as its ‘best-ever’ deals on a range of iPhones and Samsung Galaxy handsets.

And if you’re happy with your existing phone, the even better news is that they’ve cut prices on some attractive SIM only deals too.

We’ve scoured Tesco Mobile’s latest deals and handpicked what we consider the very best. Eyes down, then…

Best Tesco Mobile iPhone XR deal

iphone xr colours

The iPhone XR outsold the XS and XS Max by some distance to become the best-selling model of Apple’s 2019 trio of iPhones.

It’s not hard to see why.

It’s got the best battery life of any iPhone we’ve ever used. It's home to a great camera that handles depth of field shots with aplomb.

And it features the same all-screen design as the XS and XS Max. But comes in much cheaper.

Better still, Tesco Mobile is currently offering the iPhone XR for £29.99 per month, with nothing to pay upfront.

That’s a saving of £90 over a 36-month contract term and gets you monthly allowances of 1GB of data, 5,000 minutes and 5,000 texts.

Best Tesco Mobile iPhone 7 deal

iphone 7 camera

If you’re sure you want an iPhone but don’t want to break the bank, the iPhone 7 is the one to go for.

Not only does it run the latest Apple iOS 12 software and make room for a crisp and colourful 4.7-inch screen. It’s got a camera that performs very well in low light and it’s water-resistant.

Right now, Tesco is offering the iPhone 7 for £18.99 per month (down from £19.75 p/m previously). Over a 36-month contract term, that’s a saving of just over £27.

Allowances are 500MB of data, 5,000 minutes and 5,000 texts per month.

Best Tesco Mobile Samsung Galaxy S10 deals

Galaxy S10

The newest Galaxy S phone is also the best so far.

In keeping with previous models, the 6.1-inch Infinity screen is gorgeous. What’s very much new, though, is the superb triple-lens camera with an ultra-wide angle lens for stunning panoramic shots.

And for the first time on a Samsung phone, the Galaxy S10 is equipped with two-way wireless charging.

So, as long as they’ve got a compatible phone, you can share power with your friends, just by placing their phone on top of your S10.

As part of its round of price cuts, the S10 is available for £34.49 per month (previously £38.49 p/m) over a 36-month contract. We work out that as a saving of £144.

Allowances are 2GB per, 5,000 minutes and 5,000 texts per month.

Best Tesco Mobile SIM only deals

The pick of Tesco Mobile’s current SIMs is its double-data offer of 2GB per month, 500 minutes and for £7.50 per month.

If you need more data, we’d probably plump for the similarly attractive SIM priced £12.50 per month with allowances of 8GB, 5,000 minutes and 500 texts per month.

And if you need even more than that, there’s a very keenly priced SIM which includes 15GB for £15 per month. The bundle also includes 5,000 minutes and 5,000 texts.

Why choose Tesco Mobile?

There’s a lot to recommend Tesco Mobile. Here's a breakdown some of its main selling points:

  1. Free Clubcard points. Every time you pay your phone bill, you’ll get Clubcard points to spend in store on online.
  2. Got Clubcard points you haven’t used yet? You can use them to cut the cost of your phone contract. Better still, you’ll get double their value when you use them with Tesco Mobile.
  3. Tesco Mobile’s service is based on O2’s network. So you can expect 99% population coverage and speedy 4G.
  4. Capped contracts. Worried about overspending? Tesco Mobile lets you set a spending cap for out-of-contract charges. So you’re in complete control of your bill.
  5. Flexible contracts. Tesco Mobile’s Anytime Upgrade Flex contracts let you choose your own contract length, with the option to change your tariff whenever you like.
  6. You can upgrade early too. Really want the latest phone? Tesco Mobile lets you upgrade at any time in your contract term.

Keen to find out more? Take a look at our Tesco Mobile network review.

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