Virgin Media customers to get free speed boost to 108Mbps

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One million customers are in line for much faster broadband, with nothing extra to pay. And you won’t need to recontract. So is there a catch? Broadband Choices takes a look.

Virgin Media customers got a very late Christmas present this morning, in the form of a complimentary boost to their fibre broadband service that promises to double average speeds.

But who’s eligible? When’s it happening? How do you get the boost? And is it really free? Here’s what you need to know.

Who’s eligible?

All customers on Virgin Media’s cheapest M50 fibre broadband service, which provides an average speed of 54Mbps, can look forward to an upgrade to its M100 package. The latter boasts average speeds of 108Mbps.

Customers on older Virgin Media packages, which are no longer offered, will also see an improvement in speeds.

What difference will the speed boost make?

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According to Virgin Media, more than half a million Virgin Media customers can expect to see their broadband speeds double. While an unspecified number will experience a fivefold speed increase.

Virgin Media estimates that customers who achieve the 108Mbps average speed after the upgrade can look forward to downloading a high definition movie (5GB) in 7 minutes. Or download knockabout shoot-em-up Fortnite (31.4GB or so) to their Xbox in less than 45 minutes.

Is Virgin Media’s speed boost really free?

It is free. But past form tells us that complimentary service upgrades are usually accompanied by a price increase in the near future. So you may want to budget for that.

How do I get the service upgrade?

You don’t need to do anything. Virgin Media will roll out the upgrade automatically and will contact you to let you know when you’ve been upgraded.

When will I get the upgrade?

Virgin Media is starting the service upgrade from today (7th January 2020), but as indicated above you may have to wait until the rollout reaches your area.

Will M100 customers get a price reduction?

There’s no word on that yet. But it’s unlikely. However, with network upgrades ongoing across Virgin Media’s infrastructure, M100 customers could well be in line for a speed boost of their own in months to come.

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