Vodafone Gigacube: everything you need to know

Vodafone's Gigacube is an all-in-one home broadband and mobile broadband solution, with speeds comparable to the fastest fibre packages, no landline charges and no installation. We take a closer look to see what else it's got to offer.

Billed as the ‘flexible alternative to broadband’, Vodafone’s Gigacube gets you a high speed, wireless home broadband connection from £30 per month. So far, so familiar.

But the critical difference is that unlike traditional fixed-line home broadband, with the Gigacube your service is delivered by 4G and 5G mobile phone networks.

That means it’s portable and easy to set up, with no need to book an engineer to install it.

And with top speeds of 300Mbps and 1Gbps on 4G and 5G respectively, it’s as fast as the best fibre broadband packages.

What’s more, amid predictions that the UK broadband infrastructure could be crippled by demand from millions of extra homeworkers in the next few weeks or months, the Gigacube is an excellent option for when you need a back-up broadband service.

Especially because it’s available on a one-month rolling contract basis, as well as on 18-month terms.

Read on and we'll see how the Gigacube measures up...


vodafone gigacube

Vodafone offers two types of Gigacube: a 4G model and a 5G edition.

Both are available on an 18-month contract or one-month rolling contract, and with three monthly data allowance options: 100GB, 200GB and unlimited.

As you might expect, if you choose a one-month subscription you’ll be liable for an upfront charge. But the Gigacube comes free with 18-month plans.

Let’s have a look at the contracts to see what you get for your money. Starting with the 4G plans...

Device Data allowanceContractUpfront costMonthly charge
Gigacube 4G100GB 18 monthsFree£30
Gigacube 4G100GBOne month£100£30
Gigacube 4G200GB18 monthsFree £40
Gigacube 4G 200GB One month£100 £40
Gigacube 4GUnlimited 18 monthsFree£50
Gigacube 4GUnlimitedOne month£100£50

The 5G plans look like this...

DeviceData allowanceContractUpfront costMonthly charge
Gigacube 5G100GB 18 months£100£30
Gigacube 5G100GB One month£325£30
Gigacube 5G200GB18 months£100£40
Gigacube 5G200GBOne month£325£40
Gigacube 5GUnlimited 18 months£50£50
Gigacube 5GUnlimitedOne month£325£50

Find out more and buy the Gigacube here


The respective headline speeds of 300Mbps and 1Gbps offered by Gigacube in its 4G or 5G versions mean it’s easily capable of handling the demands of busy households.

So it'll cope with simultaneous TV streaming in multiple rooms around the home, online gaming and lets you download HD and 4K movies quickly.

Just as importantly, it’ll stand up to the demands of home-working too, allowing you to dial into meetings on Skype or Teams with crystal clear sound and video, as well as speedily access and upload large work files.


The Gigacube is what’s called a ‘plug-and-play’ device, which essentially means it requires no installation. And winningly that means no installation fees to pay, either.

To get going, you just need to turn on the Gigacube to connect your laptop, tablet, games console and any other internet-enabled gadgets.

The 4G version can connect up to 20 devices at the same time, while the 5G can manage up to 64.

Because you don’t need an engineer the Gigacube is good buy if you’re looking to switch to a very fast broadband service, but are worried about admitting an engineer to your home while we’re practising social-distancing.

Flexibility on rolling contracts


If you pick up a Gigacube on a one-month rolling contract, you’re free to cancel with 30 days’ notice. And then resume whenever you like.

So you might, for instance, renew your contract during an extended bout of home working. Or if you’re travelling for a while and you want a speedy, reliable connection that you can take with you.


Vodafone 4G coverage is very extensive. Which makes the 4G edition of the Gigacube a good bet pretty much wherever you live.

Its 5G service isn’t as wide-ranging just yet. But you can get it in 15 towns and cities in the UK.

At the time of writing, Vodafone 5G is in Birkenhead, Birmingham, Bolton, Bristol, Cardiff, Gatwick, Glasgow, Lancaster, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newbury, Plymouth, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton.

Vodafone 5G is also due to go live in Blackpool, Bournemouth, Guildford, Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton and Warrington later this year.

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