Broadband without direct debit

Broadband without direct debt

While broadband providers prefer it if you pay your bills by direct debit, they often accept other methods of payment. Unfortunately, using these will cost you more, but as with every rule, there's an exception...

Find out if your provider lets you pay by cheque, credit card or in cash, and if they'll charge you for doing so. These will apply whether you're subscribed to line rental, ADSL broadband, fibre optic broadband, or TV.

Post Office

The Post Office ( is the only broadband provider that allows customers to pay their bills in cash without incurring additional charges. Customers can pay over the counter in branches, making it both simple, and a great solution for those on a tight budget. You can also pay by debit, credit card, cheque, bank transfer, and of course, if you want to pay by direct debit you can do that too.


BT ( accepts individual bill payments by credit card (online and over the phone), cheque and cash (via PayPoint outlets in shops and garages). In some cases, you may be able to pay bills through bank transfers, though you'll need to check with your bank and BT to see if this is possible. If you're not paying by direct debit or credit card, however, you'll need to subscribe to Line Rental Plus - a service with extra features and a slightly higher price.

£20 notes

Virgin Media

Virgin Media (, also accepts credit card, cheque and cash payments for individual bills. Credit card payments can be made online or over the phone, and cash can either be paid at PayPoint outlets (look for the yellow sign on shops and petrol stations) or at the bank. Be aware that paying any other way than direct debit will cost you a decent amount extra each year.


TalkTalk ( accepts direct debit and recurring payments via credit cards. For one-off payments, a range of options are available, including cheques, bank transfers, and cash (at a PayPoint, Payzone, or Post Office). However, non-direct debit payments will incur an additional charge.


Other than direct debit, Sky ( accepts credit and debit card payments, but like many other providers, will add a surcharge for paying in this way.

Credit card


Plusnet ( customers can pay using direct debit, debit card, and credit card. Cheque and cash payments are sadly no longer an option.


EE ( accepts monthly payments by credit and debit cards. However, it will levy a small surcharge if you pay in this way.

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