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Need help getting your student pad kitted out with a TV or broadband package? At a loss when you look through all the deals around? Well you’re in luck as we’re here to help!

Thinking about signing up for a broadband package, but bamboozled about which is the best? Wondering if you really need a landline? Investigating what TV package you need to watch your favourite TV series that won't put your bank account in the red?

Well come and join us this Friday - 3 October - from 3pm, to mark the start of the new academic year, we're holding a Twitter clinic to help students find the best mobile phone, TV and broadband deals.

Whether you want to know if student broadband packages really are better than regular ones, what mobile phone plan will give you enough minutes to make sure you can call your mum every week call or how to keep your household bills to a minimum, ask away and our resident student lifestyle expert Anthony Hill will do his best to answer all your questions.

To get involved, tweet your questions @broadbandchoice using #StudentHelp from 3pm on Friday. And who knows, if you're veeeeery lucky you might even win yourself a broadbandchoices mug - woo-hoo!

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