Is the Huawei Honor 6 Plus any good? Review & Contract deals

ByDuncan Heaney
Huawei Honor 6 Plus

Huawei is dubbing its Honor 6 Plus ‘the world’s fastest smartphone’, but does it really stack up against the big boys from Apple, Samsung, and the like? Here we take a look at its best and worst features, as well as how you can get your hands on this affordable high-spec phone.

Honor 6 Plus deals and contract plans: who is selling the Honor 6 Plus?

At the moment, the only way you can get your hands on the Honor 6 Plus is through for contract deals, or through an online retailer if you want to buy the phone outright. At the Mobile World Conference 2015 in Barcelona, Three announced that it has partnered with Huawei to bring a variety of Honor 6 Plus (or Honor 6+) contract deals to the UK, and without further ado, the Honor 6 Plus has finally landed!


Honor 6 Plus price: how much is it?

Currently you can only pick up the Honor 6 Plus phone on a pay monthly contract from Three. It comes from a very affordable £24.00 a month with an upfront cost of £19.00. In comparison to other smartphones with similar specifications, this is a ludicrously cheap phone deal.

The Honor 6 Plus is also available to buy SIM free for an impressively low £299.99 (SIM free). That's what you will have to pay if you buy the 32GB model outright, so you'll need a SIM-only deal on top of that. 

If you calculate the cost of buying the handset outright, plus paying for a SIM only deal, it tends to work out more affordable to go for the contract deals:

Option 1 (SIM FREE + monthly SIM deal)

Honor 6 Plus (£299.99) + All-you-can-eat monthly SIM (£30 per month) = £1,019.99 over 24 months

Option 2 (Pay monthly contract)

Honor 6 Plus on contract (£19 upfront) + All-you-can-eat 24 month SIM (£39 per month) = £955 over 24 months


Best Honor 6+ deal for heavy internet users:


All-you-can-eat data

600 minutes

All-you-cat eat texts

FREE handset

£38  a month

24 months

View deal

If you think you'll be streaming loads of content, like videos on Facebook, Youtube, using Netflix or watching live sports, then we highly recommend an all-you-can-eat plan from Three. Three are currently the only mobile network to offer all-you-can-eat (or Unlimited) 4G data - it's also compares favourably to other networks in terms of price for large data allowances.

This plan gives you "unlimited everything" - so you have full peace of mind that you'll not get hit with extra charges for going over any minutes, texts or data allowances. What's more, Three also lets you use your data and calls abroad in popular 16 destinations at no extra cost. Click through to Three's site for more details.


Cheapest Honor 6+ contract deal:


500MB data

600 minutes

Unlimited texts

FREE handset

£20 a month

24 months

View deal

If you want to get your hands on the new Honor 6+ for a low monthly cost then the cheapest way is with Three's light tariff, which is perfect for the casual internet user. If you think you'll just be using the phone for texts, a bit of web browsing, but not watching videos on your handset, then the 500MB monthly allowance will be enough for you. If you find that you're using a bit more then you can increase your monthly allowance for an additional monthly cost.


Compare all Honor 6 Plus deals

Not sure exactly which deal is perfect for you? There are several plans to choose from and you can compare all the Honor 6 Plus deals by using the broadbandchoices mobile phone comparison service.

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Huawei Honor 6 Plus review 

Honor 6+ handset

Rapid performance and fast navigation

The Huawei Honor 6 Plus has 3GB RAM and is powered by a super fast Kirin 925 octa-core processor. The phone performs fantastically well when it comes to daily usage. Day to day tasks like using the camera, making a call, finding contacts, streaming videos can be done swiftly without the loading time that comes with other phones. While some phones' performance can start to dwindle after a year of use, with a processor like this we reckon the Honor 6 Plus will continue to perform quickly for a very long time.


Really clear HD screen

The Huawei Honor 6 Plus screen is 5.5 inches and has a vivid full-HD display (1920x1080 pixels). If you want a phone that's great for watching videos and flicking through photos, then the Honor 6 Plus is a good shout. The pixel density is 401ppi - similar to the iPhone 6 Plus, and surpassing the iPhone 6 (326), Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (319) and several top Samsung Galaxy phones. Huawei has got rid of the outer layer of glass that you'd have seen on previous Huawei phones and other popular smartphones, which means the screen is now effectively thinner and closer to you. We can't say it's something you're going to notice, but you certainly get the feeling that Huawei wants to remove anything that doesn't add value.

Honor 6+ great HD screen display


Super quick camera

The Huawei Honor 6 has a lovely clear 8MP rear camera and a secondary 8MP front camera. The quality is reasonable for a smartphone - nothing amazing, nothing atrocious. But the best thing about it is how fast it snaps. The stated shutter speed time is 0.6 seconds and it has a super quick 0.1 second focus for taking pictures of fast moving objects, meaning you're less likely to take a blurry photo. All you need to do is click twice on the volume button to take a photo in an instant. No unlocking. No time to say cheese. Perfect.

Honor 6+ sharp and fast camera


Great battery life that can last 2 days

Thanks to its SmartPower 2.5 battery, the Huawei Honor 6 Plus is meant to last around two full days under normal use. With many smartphones needing a recharge daily, the Honor 6 Plus 3,600 mAh battery could be a cut above the rest with its power saving tech.


Unimaginative design

We didn't expect much from the chassis of this phone, but were pleasantly surprised when we found it has a very smooth, scratch-resistant surface and is a slim 7.5mm. However, whilst there is nothing wrong with the Honor 6 Plus look and feel, it has to be said that it is rather simple, and the shiny plastic rear won't be to everyone's tastes. OK, we're being kind… it's very bland in comparison to the most modern phones. At best, the black version has been likened to an iPhone 4, which we don't think is too bad - although if you see your phone as an extension of your ego, it probably isn't the handset for you. Mind you, with a price tag this much lower than the latest Apple and Samsung phones, this is something you might be willing to compromise on. You can pick up the Honor 6 Plus in black, white or gold - although the gold version is quite rare.


Cheap price

You'll struggle to find a phone of this specification at such a low price. Huawei are known for producing cheap range handsets, but this is their first decent attempt at producing a high-spec handset, with a great battery and a lot of storage. In fact, right now you can get the Huawei Honor 6 for less than half the price of a Samsung Galaxy S6. 


Huawei has finally done it! Here's a decent phone with a good specification at an affordable price. Sure, the design is no iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6, but you get a lot of bang for your buck, so it's not worth crying about if you've saved yourself hundreds of pounds. Although hardly the fashionista's phone of choice, it's safe to say the Honor 6 Plus has landed in a big way. 

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