Repair your iPhone? Deciding what to do with your broken phone

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Broken iPhone

We’ve all been there. You’re half asleep, turning your alarm off and you accidentally knock your iPhone into a glass of water. Or you're walking and texting, and the next thing you know you've hit a wall and your phone's on the floor, screen smashed.

These days, we use our iPhones all the time - to put something in the diary, take a photo, make a shopping list, listen to music. It's no wonder accidents happen. But iPhones aren't as disposable as pre-smartphone phones were, so when something happens, you need to weigh up your options - is it worth paying to have your phone repaired, or do you move on and buy a new one?

Of course, some types of damage are more serious than others. Chances are, your iPhone screen's got a few scratches on it here and there, and you probably won't do anything about it. It's when it's not working properly, or at all, that you're really in trouble.

Common iPhone problems

1) Scratched screen or body

Very common and isn't likely to need any attention.

2) Cracked screen or body

Some screen cracks make iPhones impossible to use, but you might be able to live with others for a while.

3) Water damage

If your iPhone is submerged in water for any length of time the chances are it won't work at all.

4) Dead or dying battery 

Phone charge not lasting as long as it used to, or battery's given up the ghost completely.

5) Sticking keys

Could be the result of getting food or liquids in your iPhone, may be more annoying than serious.

When's it time to say goodbye?

So, your battery's only lasting about 10 minutes or your screen's smashed to smithereens. What are your options?

Repair your iPhone

Because this kind of problem is so common now, repair shops are popping up all over the place. You'll probably be able to find somewhere close to your home or where you work, and they might even be able to fix your iPhone while you wait.

Buy a new iPhone

If you think all's lost, or you've been wanting to get the new iPhone, it might be time to cut your losses. 

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Sell your iPhone 

You can soften the blow by selling your existing iPhone either privately or to your network. You'll get less for a broken phone than a working one, but it's still worth doing. 

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Getting it fixed 

Decided to get your iPhone repaired? Here's what you can expect to pay to have an iPhone 5s screen fixed by a repair shop in London. 

Who Where When What How much
Lovefone West End



While-you-wait, postal and courier services

One-year warranty



Mobile 360 Canary Wharf, City of London, Holborn



While-you-wait, postal and courier services



Phone Heroes Brent Cross, Hendon


While-you-wait, postal and courier services

One-year warranty



Phone Repairs 4u Golders Green, Kilburn


(Kilburn branch closes at 8pm)

While-you-wait and postal services

Three-month warranty 



RaPhone  Wimbledon



While-you-wait, postal and courier services

90-day warranty



(Data updated on 9th January 2015)

Don't live in London? Companies like iCracked will help you find someone near you who can repair your iPhone - it costs around £79 to have an iPhone 5s screen replaced.

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Local mobile repair guides 

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Got it?

So, next time you have an accident with your iPhone, don't forget you've got options. If the damage is minimal, like a scratch, you might want to live with it, and if it's something fairly simple, you could have a go at fixing it yourself.

If it's more serious there are lots of options for getting your iPhone repaired in both person and by post. And if things are really bad, you can always cash in your broken iPhone for a brand spanking new one.

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