The 5 best Valentine’s movies on TV in February

ByKim Staples
Woman with big heart

V-day is almost upon us, and whether you’re spending it loved up or alone with a box of Milk Tray, there’s only one thing for it: a good film.

We've had a search for the five best movies you can watch on the old tellybox this month, for the romantics and sceptics alike. From sweet drama to awkward comedy, here's our pick of the best.

For the romantic: Chocolat

(Channel 4, 6 February 2.40pm)


Here's one guaranteed to warm your heart and make you crave a truffle or two. Juliette Binoche stars as Vianne, a mother who moves to a quaint French village with her daughter, and proceeds to open a chocolate shop and develop a romance with traveller Roux (Johnny Depp). Light-hearted and charming, Chocolat is a lovely movie to cuddle up with - regardless of whether that's with a date, your significant other, or the cat.

Dip in to Chocolat on 6 February, 2.40pm, on Channel 4.

For the not-so-romantic: Furious 7

(Sky Movies, on demand from 12 February)


Not feeling the romance this year? Perhaps this explosion-packed action flick will take your mind off it all.

The seventh instalment of the Fast and the Furious franchise sees the gang - Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges, et al - returning to the USA to live normal lives after getting amnesty for their past crimes. That is, until a special forces assassin gone rogue (Jason Statham) shows up, looking to avenge his comatose brother and cause a bit of havoc. There's not a sickly candy heart or vapid greeting card in sight, we promise.

Furious 7 lands on Sky Movies on 12 February. Watch it on demand, or buy or rent it from the Sky Store. Other adrenaline-fuelled films arriving this month include Predestination, Barely Lethal, and Mad Max: Fury Road.

How do I get Sky Movies?

For the happy couple: Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers

(BBC Three, 6 February 9.20pm; BBC Three, 7 February 9pm; and BBC One later in the month)

Meet the Parents

Greg (Ben Stiller) and Pam (Teri Polo) are a happy couple in the hilarious Meet the Parents, who turn into a desperately-trying-to-remain-happy couple when they visit Pam's parents: Blythe Danner and former CIA operative Robert De Niro. If that's not enough, sequel Meet the Fockers is on the next night too. Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand are introduced as Stiller's eccentric folks - and cue the whole ridiculous saga starting all over again.

Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers aren't quite 'Netflix and chill' material, but both are great comedy choices for a couple's night in. Hopefully they're not too relatable.

Catch Meet the Parents on BBC Three (Freeview 7, Sky 115, Virgin Media 106, YouView 105), 9.20pm on 6 February; then Meet the Fockers the next night at 9pm. If you miss them, don't worry - they'll be on demand on iPlayer and then on BBC One again later in the month.

For the arty crowd: Life

(Curzon Home Cinema, on demand)


If traditional romcoms don't appeal, then perhaps Anton Corbijn's indie biopic about old Hollywood will. Dane DeHaan and Robert Pattinson star in this story of the intense friendship that formed between James Dean (DeHaan) and photographer Dennis Stock (Pattinson). Ben Kingsley makes an appearance as studio head Jack L Warner too, in a moody and thoughtful tale that takes us behind the scenes of some of the most iconic Dean images.

Life is on Curzon Home Cinema to watch on demand whenever you like. Sign up to Curzon online, on the smartphone or tablet app, or add a subscription to your BT TV bill.

For shunning V-day entirely: Legally Blonde

(Netflix, on demand)

Legally Blonde

Grab the Ben and Jerry's and a crowd of single mates and settle in for a night on the sofa with this one. Sure, Legally Blonde has a romance plot, but it's second to the laughs and the surprisingly heart-warming tale of a bleached blonde Valley girl who decides to become a lawyer. Reese Witherspoon is her absolute best as Elle, while Luke Wilson and Jennifer Coolidge help bring the whole lovely thing to life.

You'll find Legally Blonde on Netflix - online or through the app on your smartphone, tablet, streaming stick, YouView box, Virgin Media TiVo, and pretty much any other device you can think of. More new arrivals on Netflix include The Wolf of Wall Street, Liar Liar, and Natural Born Killers.

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