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  • Piggy bank

    My broadband price has gone up. Can I cancel my contract?

    So you took out a broadband contract promising to pay your bill every month, when one day you get a letter through the post saying that you’ll now be… More »

  • Virgin hub

    Virgin Media Hub 3.0 - the complete guide

    Super Hubs are sooooo 2015. These days, when you get broadband from Virgin Media, you’ll get a far more advanced - and cooler-sounding - Hub 3.0 router thrown in… More »

  • iPhone 6S

    iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus - should I get one?

    The last generation of Apple iPhones sport big screens, pressure-sensitive touchscreens, and a host of improvements from the old iPhone 6. But is it still worth getting? We say… More »

  • What's wireless broadband?

    Lots of us may be switching to superfast fibre optic internet, but some people are choosing another high-tech option to get online: wireless broadband. More »

  • asa broadband pricing interview

    Confusion and line rental - why the ASA’s simplifying broadband prices

    “81% of participants couldn’t correctly calculate the total cost of a broadband contract.” We spoke to the Advertising Standards Agency to find out exactly why it’s put its foot… More »

  • No more line rental - here’s how broadband pricing is changing

    Let’s face it - broadband advertising can be confusing. A combination of line rental, broadband price, set-up fees and contract lengths all conspire to create ads where it’s very… More »

  • What is contention ratio

    What is contention ratio? - broadbandchoices explains

    A lot of things can affect how fast your broadband is - like the wiring in your home, what kind of router you have, or what’s available in your… More »

  • Lg multi

    LG G3 review: Power, performance, and plenty of pixels

    LG wants its new G3 to blow the HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5 out of the water. Has it succeeded? Read our review to find out… More »

  • K Zoom

    Samsung Galaxy K Zoom review - is it picture perfect?

    What exactly is the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom? A phone? A camera? A phamera? Truth be told, we’re not 100% sure how to classify it, but we can tell… More »

  • Broadband availability data icon

    How do we get our broadband availability data?

    Want to know where we get the information about what packages and speeds are available in each area? Here’s an explanation. More »

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