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  • How to set up a home office icon

    How to set up a home office in 5 steps

    Whether you’re self-employed, a remote worker, or just work from home a lot, a perfectly connected home office space is a must. Here’s how to set yours up, and… More »

  • How to claim vouchers icon

    How to claim your vouchers

    Got a broadband, home phone, or TV package that came with some free vouchers? Here's how to claim them. More »

  • How to switch broadband icon

    How to switch broadband: A quick guide

    Tired of your broadband provider and want to switch to a new one? It’s easier than you think. We’re here to tell you how to change broadband provider to… More »

  • Buffering icon

    How to stop buffering on Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon and more

    Few things online are as frustrating as trying to watch a video that won't stop buffering. But what can you do about it? Here are some tips to smooth… More »

  • How to connect Android icon

    How to connect your Android to your TV

    Sometimes your Android phone or tablet is just too small. Whether you want to watch a film, listen to some sick beats, or just share some pictures with the… More »

  • Phone battery life

    8 tips to save your Android's battery life

    Some Android smartphones are loaded up with huge long-lasting batteries, and super high-tech battery-saving technology to go with them. Other Androids… not so much. More »

  • Save iPhone battery life icon

    10 top tips to save your iPhone battery life

    Apple iPhones aren’t exactly renowned for their long battery life - the desperate search for a charger and plug socket is all too familiar for a lot of iUsers. More »

  • How to get a new phone line installed icon

    How to get a new phone line installed

    Getting a new phone line put in your home isn't complicated - it just requires time and probably a bit of cash. Here's how you go about getting one… More »

  • Monitor your internet usage icon

    How to monitor your internet usage

    We use an awful lot of data on our home broadband, and it can be difficult to track. Emails, video streaming, and using apps all use up data and… More »

  • How to change your router's Wi-Fi settings icon

    How to change your router’s Wi-Fi settings

    Wi-Fi is a tricky beast: temperamental, dodgy, and seemingly with a mind of its own. Sometimes you need to get in there and sort it the heck out. More »

  • How to use your own router icon

    How to use your own router

    When you sign up for a broadband package with a new provider, they chuck in a router so you can get online, often free of charge - but not… More »

  • How to set up a local area network icon

    How to set up a local area network (LAN)

    A LAN, or a local area network, is a bit like the internet only a lot, lot smaller. That is, it only consists of a few devices that are… More »

  • How to connect iPad and iPhone to a TV icon

    How to connect your iPad or iPhone to your TV

    Hooking your iPhone or iPad up to your TV set is easier than you think - so long as you’ve got the right equipment. You'll likely need to buy… More »

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