How to claim your vouchers

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Got a broadband, home phone, or TV package that came with some free vouchers? Here's how to claim them.

Vouchers are available with certain packages from BT, Sky, Plusnet, TalkTalk, Vodafone and Now Broadband.


To claim vouchers you got with a BT package, you'll need to go to the relevant website once your broadband is installed and active.

Amazon voucher, iTunes voucher, or BT reward card

Go to the BT Make A Claim website, log in with your BT ID, and enter your details. Allow 45 days from your claim for your voucher to arrive. If you have any queries, visit the BT customer help site.

Marks and Spencer voucher

Go to and enter your details in the claim form. Allow 45 days from the date of your service activation, and your claim being submitted, for your voucher to arrive.


For any Vodafone related voucher queries, you can get in touch with its team at


Prepaid reward

Go to within 90 days of your Sky service being activated, log in to your Sky account, and fill out the onscreen form. To use vouchers, you'll need an email address and access to a printer. For all other queries, visit Sky's reward help site.


For any other Sky voucher queries, email:


Once your Plusnet connection is active, you'll receive an email within 10 days telling you how to claim your voucher. You must claim your voucher within 2 months of receiving the email.

Mastercard or prepaid debit card

After your services has been activated, Plusnet will send an email with instructions on how to get your Mastercard/Prepaid Debit card. After the email has been received, you have 2 months to claim your reward.

Amazon voucher

For an voucher, Plusnet will email you a link which is valid for two months. Click it, and fill out the onscreen form until you get to a confirmation screen. This screen will show you your Amazon gift certificate code, which you can start using straight away.


For cashback, Plusnet will email you a link to their cashback claim page. This link is valid for two months. Within 30 days of clicking it and filling out the onscreen form, your cheque should arrive at the address where your package is installed, in the name of the account holder.


If you need to ask a question about your TalkTalk voucher, email, and one of it's team members will get back to you.

Now Broadband

Similarly, you can get in touch with Now Broadband's voucher team at


Amazon voucher

Once your EE broadband service is live, and you've paid two bills, you'll be sent and email with a link to claim your voucher. This typically reaches you within a week of your second bill payment, though EE requests you wait up to 60 days for the link to arrive. If you haven't received it, contact EE at this email address:

More information on how to claim EE rewards can be found here.

John Lewis

E-gift card

John Lewis will send an e-gift card to your inbox within 60 days of your service being activated.

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