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Finding the right mobile contract can feel like a real mission, so we’re happy to do the legwork for you. Using our price comparison table, it’s easy to find a Sony mobile contract to suit your needs - whether you want the cheapest deal, a plan with an unlimited data allowance or are simply looking for a longer contract to spread your costs.

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How do I find a Sony contract?

Take a look at our list of Sony mobile contract deals from different network providers - and use the dropdown menus on the left to filter your contract results. You can filter by:

  • Monthly and total cost
  • Upfront costs, contract length
  • Data, call and text allowances

And if you’re concerned about phone storage or looking to keep costs down with a refurbished phone - you can select these options too! Add and remove different Sony handsets to narrow and broaden your contract search.

Best Sony deals

If you’re after a good Sony deal on a mobile contract that will keep your monthly costs down, there are some excellent plans available.

We all have different needs when it comes to picking the right mobile contract. For example, if you’re a heavy watcher of HD video or use your phone to regularly stream music, then consider the best deals with larger data allowances. Alternatively, your main priority may be unlimited calls and texts.

So it should be easy to find a Sony contract that’s right for you:

Light user: ID Mobile offer some very cheap 24-month contracts on the Experia L and Experia XA1 handsets, if your data, call and text allowance needs are low.

Medium user: Consider Plusnet and Tesco Mobile plans for a moderate amount of data - say 1-2GB, and decent call and text allocations.

Heavy user: Even if you hit the data hard, there are still good Sony contract deals to be had. Check out giffgaff for unlimited allowances for data, calls and texts - on Sony handsets such as Experia L, Experia XA1 and Experia XA1 Gold.

And note that some contracts do require an upfront charge.

Cheap Sony deals

It’s easy to lose your way when trying to find the cheapest mobile contract deals. The monthly cost is the obvious place to start, but many contracts also include an upfront charge, which you pay when you first take out the contract. You also need to consider the overall length of the contract.

These three factors will determine the total amount of money you’ll pay over the course of a contract. But don’t worry - there are still loads of Sony contract options available to you, offering a wide range of tariffs that include different data, call and text allowances.

Take a look at our cheapest Sony mobile contracts - and don’t forget you can use the dropdown menus on the left to filter your results.

Find a Sony mobile contract that includes:

  • Short contract - If you’re keen to keep your options open with a flexible one-month contract, then Vodafone, O2, EE and iD Mobile all offer reasonably-priced one-month contracts, with different data and call allowances. However, they do all include an upfront cost.
  • Long contract - Spreading costs over a longer contract is a good way of keeping your overall contract cost down, as well as keeping things more manageable monthly. iD Mobile and EE both offer reasonably-priced 24-month contracts with lowish data allowances (500MB). Try Plusnet if you need a little more data (1GB), and more minutes per month.
  • No upfront charge - If a hefty upfront charge is a turn-off, you should consider Tesco Mobile, who offer a selection of Sony handsets - such as the Xperia L1 White 16GB, Xperia XA1 Graphite Black and Xperia XA1 Gold. Even though such contracts are sold with a ‘FREE’ handset, that cost is usually spread out over the course of the contract. That said, there’s still no pricey upfront charge to shell out for.
  • Unlimited data - For data junkies who don’t want to worry about a data cap, your best bet is giffgaff. A moderate upfront charge and reasonable monthly fee, on handsets such as the Xperia L Black and Xperia XA1 Gold, represent good value for money on their 12-month contracts.
  • Unlimited minutes and texts - If it’s all about the chatting and texting, try EE, O2 and Vodafone. There are some excellent Sony handset contracts available which will keep your monthly costs down - with varying data allowances. Though they do all come with an upfront cost.

Don’t forget to play around with the left-hand filters on our price comparison grid to find the right Sony mobile contract deal for you.

Sony Xperia phones

Check out this selection of Sony Xperia handsets available with a range of contracts from different networks:

Sony Xperia L

There are some reasonably-priced mobile plans available from Tesco Mobile, EE and iD Mobile on this mid-range handset, on a 24-month contract. It’s an older phone which might not be the all-singing and dancing shiny, new flagship model you’re after, but still gives you decent battery life, a bright 4.3inch display and intuitive interface.

Sony Xperia XA1

Another mid-range Sony handset which has a surprisingly good camera. With its 5-inch screen and excellent battery life, this solid addition to the Xperia range is certainly worth considering if you want to keep your total costs down. With iD Mobile, you can choose a plan with either an upfront cost and low monthly cost, or no upfront cost and higher monthly cost.

Sony Xperia XZ

A quick and slick-looking flagship Sony handset that offers premium processing speed and display, and an excellent battery life. It won’t perhaps trouble the big hitters - Apple and Samsung - but there’s still plenty here to appreciate. And it’s water- and dust-resistant, which means you can happily take it to the beach and not worry about sand or sea-related accidents.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

It’s compact, powerful and a little bit tasty. With a great design, superior camera and long-lasting battery, the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact has all the right moves. Water-resistant with a 200GB microSD support, it’s definitely one to hang on to.

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