The best 4G smartphone deals today

4G is the best mobile internet you can get - it’s often as fast as home broadband - and it’s essential in a smartphone if you use the internet on the go.

Today, there's a huge number of 4G mobile plans available, whether you want the widest coverage and fastest speeds from EE, or unlimited allowance from Three. Whatever kind of tariff you need, you can get it with lovely fast internet. Here's our pick of the best.

Want to know more about 4G? Take a look at our guide.

Best 4G SIM-only plans

Already got a fab 4G-ready phone, and want a SIM to put in it? We've got tons of 4G SIM-only plans to choose from - whatever allowance you need, you can get good value.

The great thing about going SIM-only is that you have a lot more flexibility to work with. SIM-only plans don't last as long as phone contracts - they're usually 12 months or 30 days - so you needn't wait as long to change your plan around. Plus, they're a lot cheaper overall, and you'll get far more choice.

For flexibility, take a look at 4G SIM plans from giffgaff. These let you buy a new 30-day 'goodybag' each month to suit your usage - or you can set them to auto-renew to make life easier. See giffgaff SIM deals here.

Meanwhile, if you've got Plusnet broadband, you can make a steal on its mobile plans too with special mates rates. Even if you don't have its broadband, you can still grab a deal with amazing 4G coverage and super low prices. See Plusnet Mobile SIM deals here.

For high data allowances, on the other hand, you may be better off with a SIM from Three - it's one of the only networks to offer unlimited 4G data. See Three SIM deals here.

Or, see the best SIM-only deals this month.

Best 4G smartphones on a budget

Moto G4 Play

Moto G4 Play

Motorola has a tendency to put out some of the best budget smartphones, and the G4 Play is no exception. The 5-inch display is HD resolution (720p), for a start, and the design of the body isn't a far cry from the company's more premium models. Straight out the box, you'll get Android Marshmallow… which is even in line for an upgrade to Nougat soon. Not bad for a smartphone that costs less than £150 outright.

It's missing a few features - like NFC, a fingerprint sensor, and gyroscope - but, hey, it's got everything else, including 4G.

Vodafone Smart Ultra 7

Vodafone Smart Ultra 7

For the specs you get with the Vodafone Smart Ultra 7, the price is impressive. It's powered by an octa-core chipset and runs Android Marshmallow, and has a huge 5.5-inch, Full HD (1080p) screen. Top it off with a 13MP camera, and you've got a phone worth having. Plus, it's built to be powered by Vodafone's 4G network, ensuring you'll get decent coverage and speed.

As with all budget mobiles, sacrifices have been made, however, and in this case that's in the form of low internal storage (16GB) and a bit of an iffy design. At this price, though, we're inclined to let it slide.

Best iPhone deals with 4G

iPhone 6s

With all the stuff that iPhones are capable of, you'd be nuts to get one without a 4G plan. Whether you want to listen to your iTunes library on the go, buy your morning coffee with Apple Pay, or share photos on Facebook, a little 4G will make your iPhone experience just that bit better. You can get iPhones at no upfront cost, but to see all your options, check out our guide:

iPhone 7

Apple's latest, the spectacularly shiny iPhone 7, is packed with all the best specs the tech giant has to offer. It's got the best iPhone camera yet, the longest ever battery life, a stunning display, and a more advanced Siri. Upgrade to the larger 7 Plus version, and that camera and screen get even better. Either way, you'll definitely want a speedy 4G plan to go with it.

Pick a Sky Mobile Swap contract, and not only will you get top 4G, you'll also be able to upgrade seamlessly - just in time for the iPhone 8 to come out, in fact. See Sky Mobile iPhone 7 deals here.

iPhone 6s

Sure, it's not the latest iPhone, but the 6s is still kickin'. Unlike the iPhone 7, it's got a headphone jack - always a bonus - along with a sleek design, 12MP camera, Apple Pay, and pretty much everything else you could want from an Apple smartphone. And again, there's the option to get the bigger and better Plus model for a little extra.

Take a look at iPhone 6s deals from O2 for good value and perks with your 4G; or head over to iD mobile for their excellent plans.

iPhone SE
Want something a little less flashy? The iPhone SE somehow packs the insides of the 6s into the body of an iPhone 5 - and sticks a lower price tag on it.

It's got the same powerful processor and high-tech camera, but it's a little smaller - the screen is 4 inches - and offers better value. And of course, it's 4G-enabled.

We recommend checking out Three's iPhone SE deals - especially if unlimited 4G data is your bag.

Best Samsung Galaxy deals with 4G

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8, also known as possibly the best smartphone out this year, is beyond impressive. It's got that amazing Super AMOLED display that Samsung is known for, only this time it's bigger than ever and has some rather attractive curves to it. Under the hood, there's an octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM, so it can handle whatever you throw at it.

Yeah… you'll definitely want decent 4G to go with this one. Have a look at our massive range of deals and pick one you like the look of - whether you want unlimited 4G, superfast 4G, or 4G in a sleek silver chassis.

Or, see the best Samsung Galaxy deals this month.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The previous generation of the Galaxy S range is still a stunner. With a tough-as-nails, Quad-HD display and powerful processors, it's perfect for using apps, playing games, taking pics, and, well, pretty much everything else.

For even more functionality, you could even go for a Galaxy S7 Edge. It's got that cool curvy screen that bends down at the sides - just like the S8 - and gives you quick access to apps and more.

BT Mobile has some fantastic Galaxy S7 deals - and if you've got BT Broadband, you can grab 'em at £5 less per month. See BT Mobile Galaxy S7 deals here.

For inclusive subscriptions to streaming services to really put that 4G connectivity to good use, meanwhile, take a look at S7 deals from Vodafone's Red range. And for the Edge model, you'll find some pretty good value 4G deals from Three.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Wallet can't quite stretch to the S7 or S8? Go back another Galaxy S generation - to the shiny, glassy Galaxy S6. The jewel-like glass body is something to behold, and you're also getting a fab camera and much of the same features as the S7. It falls short on battery life, however, and there's no SD card slot, so watch out for that.

Again, you've got the option of the S6 Edge, and even the S6 Edge+ if you want a phablet-size screen.

As for networks, we like Vodafone's top-notch 4G for the regular S6; or O2 for lots of choice on the S6 Edge.

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